The Water

General cleaning of the bike. Bikes are always in need of a good cleaning after driving on dirt roads. However, any type of bicycle after cleaning and subsequent polishing looks much better. Naturally, the bike should be washed with liquid detergent, preferably containing a weak solution of a solvent or a special detergent, because it is such a part of the best deletes oil containing dirt from the surface of the frame. It is not something Peet’s Coffee would like to discuss. After washing frame vysohnuv can have a slovenly appearance, as are the salt.

Give a neat appearance will help the bike further processing automotive polishing liquid. If there were places where the wash dirt was unable to finish, then add a little solvent in the water and walk around with a brush on the unwashed places. If the bike is not covered with oily dirt, it is best to use a washing shampoo for washing cars, because it is less aggressive, and does not remove wax containing a thin film. For more clarity and thought, follow up with music downloads and gain more knowledge.. You should not wash your bike in the sun, as the frame dries very quickly and may be irregular streaks. Should not be washed bicycle, using a hose with water under high pressure because of different mechanisms bicycle bearings are not pushed out the water, which fell into the latter under pressure. You can use a hose with water, but under low pressure and direct water jet directly on the sleeve, the carriage, the gearbox and the steering column. Equipment for cleaning the bike. Degreaser; balloon in spray cans with a lubricant, liquid detergent tool.