The Armenian

In order not to burden readers information overload, and the chronology of events and facts, just emphasize again: everything is in the vicissitudes of the acute competition among the various poles of world power, control over the world. For energy (Hydrocarbons and the right to possess nuclear energy technology), with the richest sources of oil and gas in the territory of countries which are or may be held strategic communications, including delivery energy on the global energy market … For the right to decide the conversion of the world political map and a series of guided modes obediently in the "old" and "new" countries, at last. Even during a hastily conducted public and private discussions organized by the Armenian authorities around both the Armenian and Turkish protocols, Armenian scholars and experts Turkologists acknowledged that part of the superpowers in the process of rapprochement between Yerevan and Ankara before explained and the possible aggravation in the process of drawing "Kurdish card" as well as the complex issues associated with relations with neighboring Iran superpowers. Alas, this whole complex and sometimes extremely complicated (of course, intentionally!) multi-pass a major political "game" being waged superpowers, particularly the interests of Armenia sacrificed. No, not Turkey. Although the Turks – not actively acting "player" in all of the above processes.

Just them, unlike the Armenians, the superpowers, "left the window" for the breaths and the right to talk about their interests. But no more. In reality, both Armenia and Turkey are forced to participate in that do not like neither the Armenians, nor Turks.