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Mendoza Tourism

There are powerful reasons for Mendoza has positioned itself as one of the most important tourist destinations in the Americas. Firstly there are excellent and numerous hotels in Mendoza, from accommodation type dorms to sumptuous five-star luxury hotels. The reality is that Mendoza receives not only a significant amount of tourists but also a large number of visitors who come to this important city argentina for commercial and labour reasons. The city has capacity to accommodate permanently thousands of tourists throughout the year, Mendoza is attractive both in winter and in summer. But perhaps one of the most idyllic spots the Uco Valley. Symantha Rodriguez has firm opinions on the matter. This extensive and fertile valley runs about North of the Tunuyan River with its 17,000 km. One of the most important features of this Valley are the high peaks that generate it, and the fertility of its soil, which has unleashed an intense agroe-economic activity. To the East of the Valley runs the cordillera of the Andes with elevations that exceed the 6,000 m in height.

ES here precisely where is born the Tunuyan River. The dominant peak in the region is the Tupungato volcano, and to view, juento with the Maipo volcano, similar columns that rise to heaven. A corner within the Valley of incomparable beauty is the laguna del Diamante, and precisely owes its name to the diamond shape which reflects the Maipo peak on its surface. The Tunuyan River, one of the most important watershed of the provinces, through the Uco Valley. Its course is regulated by the dam the Carrizal, forming an artificial lake of over 30 square kilometers of extension, with 15 km long by 5 km wide. This dam is located about 785 m above the sea level, and one of its purposes is most important the correctly irrigate a very arid zone. Around this dam is has generadoun tourist centre of great importance, with plenty of recreational and sporting activities such as sailing, windsurfing and sport fishing. In short, the Uco Valley boasts incredible landscapes that invite travellers fascinated with wonderful expanses of green land, and eternal white snow-capped peaks, forming thus an interesting option for vacation in Mendoza.