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Part-time form – this version of the evening training. Percentage of students' independent work when it is used as compared to full-time students increases significantly. Consequently, increased need for help and support of students in these activities. Jack Fusco brings even more insight to the discussion. Electronic training aids can act at the same time as a practical guide students' independent work. Moreover, systematization of educational and methodical materials for the teacher must withdraw its registration as a case study, followed by and followed by the use of learning technology case. Distance form suggests that most students learn on their own teaching material, during the sessions they 'recite' specific content, is given to self-install their development and elaboration, but the process of self- work, as well as in other forms, remains unchecked and the teacher is not an accomplice of independent creativity of the student. It is no secret, and low quality training in Using this form of training. Distance technologies enable us to derive a different level of quality education of students of correspondence courses.

As a rule, work well and network technologies, and TV-technology and their various combinations with each other and the . A special place in this series takes externship. There is no doubt that distance education technologies to fully allow you to be effectiveness and quality of education students who have decided to choose a complex form of education. We can confidently say that the implementation of external studies as a more cost-effective and progressive forms of education, than, for example, the traditional distance, it is possible with the use of all groups distance learning technologies and various combinations thereof. So, naturally arise the following questions: Should we start the implementation of distance learning technologies at the same time in all forms, and if – no, then what form the best place to start. Answers can be obtained by considering the introduction of distance learning technologies as innovation process.

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They are simple, and probably can help you in choosing any training, but as it turned out, in practice many are neglected and they are wasting their resources. Look for a program with a solid theoretical base. People who, for whatever reason have not created a theoretical course, is hardly ready to give you practical experience. This is akin to learning magic, there is a principle that remember – and then yours. All this is done in the hope of objective limitations of human memory and is based on the reluctance to raise rivals. Prefer programs, where it is possible in parallel with the process of learning take place practice. The organizers themselves training in virtually 100% of the cases can not offer you anything, but if the training is extended in time, you will be able to start is something to try.

Choose a program where you will be able practical to write a thesis. The very writing of the thesis is able to give you a lot as a business coach. This communication with the instructor, and test their new knowledge and ideas, and develop relevant programs for you Training under the key. Be sure to check the ratio of provider to mentoring. Better do it in some way to check before signing the contract. It is important to determine how generously agreed to share their knowledge and experience in this company. In the market there are cases where for each additional word, especially of a practical nature, a very reputable company asking for more pay or to answer additional questions do meaningful entity.

Pay attention to the requirements that apply to trainees providers. From this simple fact it depends on who you'll learn to share their experience, perform the command task. And also this fact indicates the level of the company: it has the knowledge or money earned. should not come from money. It is known that the most important – the ratio of price and quality. Select program effectiveness, not cost, because invaluable experience and your time are much more expensive. Good luck! Do not forget that hard to learn – easy in battle!