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Bio Must Be

HAWITA group from Vechta teaches new substrate line of gardeners and consumers on the origin should make use of organic substrates. Only when the Earth comes from regional production, bio at all makes sense. With this philosophy, the HAWITA brings group from Vechta a wide range with organic substrates on the market for the first time. The range includes for example soils for perennials, herbs and flowers. You will be presented the audience on this year’s international plant fair (IPM) from 24 to 27 January in Essen. The organic soils come exclusively from Germany and Eastern Europe and ecologically produced, assured Simon Tabeling group, managing partner of HAWITA.

To transport the components of organic substrates by the world is finally no more environmentally sound and sustainable, like buying an organic Apple from New Zealand”, compares t. Range for specialists the HAWITA group has increased demand for organic substrates into account. So far have so wide a range of only a few providers in the professional area. Our customers should get top quality for every application for bio products”Managing Director emphasises. HAWITA has in Germany both own peat deposits as well as their own clay deposits and a bark humus production. The substrates are manufactured at the place of raw and packaged, avoids unnecessary intermediate transport.

The manufacturer supplies from the production site to the customer. With the development of a deposit system for planters, HAWITA has already set standards several years ago in terms of sustainability. Peat remains irreplaceable the use of peat as a renewable resource in a bio product makes sense according to Managing Director t, when it comes to restrict the high pH or salt levels of other aggregates and to establish a coordinated mix of substrate for specific application purposes. At the bog bedding plants, peat is virtually irreplaceable. And also for the Plant propagation is an important additive, reminding t. All organic soils are certified professionals as well as for the hobby gardener completely according to the EU regulation 834 / 2007 and can therefore be used in the organic gardening. This HAWITA used only approved organic fertilizer in the production. The single substrate aggregate must be also approved and are fermented separately from conventional production and monitored. Stefan Freiwald