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Foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives must look new. The speed of change is so high at the moment like rarely before. The signs of massive, that transformation processes are our all immediate life abundantly clear: energy supply and environmental impact, demographic changes and changes in educational and workplace are exemplary for so-called Megatrends or just transformation processes that have already begun and affect life and economy. And in the midst of this turmoil, we move, Act and communicate with each other. Just social actors must adjust to this change, they need strategies and Kommunikationskozepte. We take charitable foundations: how they act in the face of the persistent low interest rate environment and the sustained high inflation rate? And the other side, the many initiatives and institutions looking for financial support, as they operate in this environment? All these actors should come up with the strategy for your Deal with action, this check and adjust.

And they should question their communication concepts and adapt to new requirements. Malte Schumacher, born in 1966, building his company since October 26, 2011 in Braunschweig “painted Schumacher / / strategies and communication” on. After more than six years as a specialist consultant for project management and communication in a classic Foundation (assets: 37 million; average payout per annum: approx. 900.000,-Euro) he wants to act now even sense-building and help foundations, companies, institutions and dedicated initiatives to meet the challenges of the future with its experience, networks and leitmotifs. Only the two mentioned economic factors require new concepts: the sustained Nierdrigzinsphase and the high inflation rate. “The end of the steady growth is already achieved?”, this question turned on the German Foundation day in Stuttgart in May 2011 Gunter Thielen, Chairman of Bertelsmann Foundation, and Professor Meinhard Miegel,.

Chairman of the Foundation of thinking work future. And the answer was: it looks at least for now. HGefragt are therefore new strategies and a new communication of strategic action. The strategy is the recognizable patterns in a stream of decisions. Strategic learning, so the reflective back is crucial for a viable strategy and forward looking. Strategies form the basis for achieving set goals. A strategy may not define the future, but it helps to embark on the right way in the future. Strategies are dynamically and beforehand to the fit in reality. A strategy helps to do the right things at the right moment. Communication is actually quite simple, and the principle of integrated communication as well. Following this principle communication works, stringent and closed so each other building up in co-ordinated. Integrated communication is long-term and strategically, it includes all internal and external communication tools and creates a Communication unit, which also is perceived from the outside. The communication is also consistent and generate a coherent and consistent appearance (image) of the communicating. The principle of integrated communication is efficient and effective. You should have at a glance this transparency, openness, truthfulness, reliability and authenticity. Painted Schumacher, November 11, 2011

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Unrestricted print quality with eco color printing can be quite environmentally friendly. This, for example the selection of used colours plays an important role. The Uhl-media GmbH takes into account this aspect of eco-friendly printing method for many years. “The experts in terms of resource-friendly offset printing made it consistently good experiences: environmentally friendly inks shine just as color strong as conventional printing inks, included but not mineral oil shares”, as Andreas Uhl, Managing Director of Uhl-media GmbH in bad Gronenbach (Allgau, Bavaria, Germany). Conventional printing inks include approx. 25% of polluting petroleum products as a binder. Eco – printing inks, as they are almost exclusively used indoors Uhl-media, contain binders made from renewable resources and are nearly free of toxic heavy metals. These colors have a further advantage for the benefit of our environment, if the printed materials are recycled.

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