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Drew Stehmann

Then I was reading and discarding this idea, because if you think, that occurs in nature is that of remains, but the surface layers are added, and if you dig you see that does not happen from below, at the height of the roots. This technique, organic mulch, was that replaced what was then. Subaru understands that this is vital information. Slurry and other preparations. Another possibility is to prepare us same compounds that provide a particular nutrient. This is the case of manures, that simply explains Cristian Stehmann in organic manure are prepared from herbs, enzymes vegetable scraps or manure. Drew Stehmann: Basically provide enzymes, amino acids and other substances to the soil and plants, increasing the diversity and availability of nutrients for them. But much more important than this is the contribution of microorganisms: through the preparation of slurry were able to develop cultures of microorganisms, especially bacteria.

Each purin is a specific crop where are reproduced quickly certain types of bacteria in an environment conducive to their development. When we irrigate the soil with these preparations, we are inoculating, sowing the soil of our organic orchard with millions of microorganisms that will transform the soil’s organic matter in specific nutrients for plants. This will improve the availability of nutrients and therefore the health, development and production of plants. Compilation of some preparations or other similar techniques (there is a finite list that is located on several pages, I only add those that I see drinking to urban gardens in tight spots): prepared from banana peels, the remains of three of these fruits in a liter of water, along with three tablespoons of sugar are boiled for three to five minutes. Only the resulting liquid is stored. The plants are irrigated every seven days diluted with water in a ratio of 2 to 1 (two of water) the great advantage of this preparation is that it provides potassium, which promotes flowering and the appearance of fruits.

New York

Serve these shallow lines to understand that I found suddenly in Valencia without having to go to the newspaper every morning, as he has been doing every day. The reaction of most of my friends and acquaintances, in Valencia and beyond, was similar: you will now return to Madrid, I guess. None of them seemed to consider that Valencia can be a destination in itself and not, simply, transitory place of an encomienda which, once complete, albeit abruptly, requires that you go to other payments to continue developing your professional activity. There is nothing in Madrid replied to my interlocutors that he cannot do in Valencia. For some perplexity, added: I like this city much more, life is better in this land and, because to choose, I’d rather stay. To me, what they want to say, found me my answer of overwhelming obvious. One has lived on in Bilbao, Logrono, Barcelona, Madrid, New York and Salamanca and in all parties has made friends and has been reasonably happy. Why missed, therefore now magnificent opportunity to have known Valencia, its people and its climate, its culture and its history, his industriousness and his vital joy, and not share them and enjoy them all what you can it? The only thing paradoxical in that repeated dialogue from now you’ll go, no, I will stay, it is the attitude of my interlocutors that, instead of believing that live on this earth is a gift from the gods, they think that someone who has accidentally come to her to what really sucks is to leave as soon as you can. Such an attitude is certainly due to certain historical fatum suffering from border regions, with an indeterminate awareness of its own identity. Do not know very well what they are, if you dwell or cristinas, if of the North or South, whether this or that, and sometimes reveal underground and absurd inferiority complexes with respect to other lands and other people who have nothing to envy.