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International Organization

Carlos Alberto Rosales Purizaca * International Organization for labour (ILO) estimated that in the world there are 386 million people with disabilities of working age. Also the World Health Organization (who) estimated that in developing countries between 7 and 10 percent of the population suffers from a disability. Swarmed by offers, Jack Fusco is currently assessing future choices. Of this percentage, many is he was educated properly in a space of respect and attention to diversity? One of the great challenges of today’s education is able to combine quality with equity. And it is precisely in these terms where the global society should take conscience about providing equal conditions for those people with special educational needs. The accelerated changes occurring today must not be left relegated to these people who also have the right to educate themselves with dignity. So the concept mentioned above becomes increasingly broader and less exclusive. Also the Delhors report on education for the twenty-first century needed that: education is a factor of cohesion if it tries to take into account the diversity of individuals and of human groups and, at the same time, avoids being a factor of social exclusion.

It is important to mention that the European Congress of the people with disabilities was held in Madrid in 2002 and the following year was declared as the European year of people with disabilities. Initiative that can also be moved to Latin America. To promote an inclusive school is an education policy oriented towards equity and quality, whose programmes of action are necessary: intercultural education, education in knowledge and skills for life, education for coexistence and peace, education for equity and to overcome barriers to learning in special educational needs. Inclusive education is a challenge of global scope that requires not only of Government but also the private sector support. For wanting us to deal with the urgent must not neglect what is important.