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Hotel Las Arenas

The Las Arenas Hotel in Valencia is the only hotel in Valencia from 5 stars great luxury of the chain hotels SantoS, belonging to the select club Leading Hotels of The World. The hotel was born with the aim of recovering the beaches of Las Arenas and Malvarrosa in Valencia City and combines the architectural beauty of the historic Las Arenas Balneario, founded in 1898, with the elegance and comfort of modern design, occupying a privileged seaside location. The Hotel is housed in the old Spa Las Arenas in the late 19th century, most select society meeting point. Formerly, Spa offered its visitors baths of wave and warm sea with amazing results for people suffering from trauma, arthritis, as well as nerve diseases. In addition to these baths, the complex had swimming pools, a pavilion with a restaurant on the sea, American Bar, Grillroom, film of summer, dancing, competitions, swimming, dancing, etc. In the afternoons and evenings in the pools he acted during the season a what, being the Max of Valencia attraction at that time in the summer season.

In the year 2002 starts the construction of the new Hotel Las Arenas Balneario Resort. In that year, so only in one foot of the columnarios and the pool area, since the other columnar was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. The majestic that remained standing, is fully restored and rebuilt the other entirely equal to the original. The swimming pool area dates back to the year 1933 and recovers in its entirety the original project, respecting the dimensions of 33 meters long swimming pool, as well as the children’s pool and the solarium area. Also recovers the old famous trampoline at Las Arenas. Currently in the entire area of the pool is created, around and under it, a modern style luxury SPA but recovering historical elements of the spa for your decor, as ancient baths of marble or the famous poster designed by Renal for its inauguration. Between the pool and the columnarios builds a new building with 4 heights, destined to the Hotel itself.

Construction and decoration is classic style, using first quality materials brought from different countries. A clear example of this are the soils of the common areas of the building in which Italian marble being used, or, for example, Suites marble brought directly from China. Other items that are retrieved is the autochthonous flora which formerly existed in the Spa, transplanted before the start of construction some nearby nurseries where has been preserved and is transferred to the hotel at the end of the works to retrieve the landscaping. Among some of the species recovered are two large ficus, several tamarinds or haughty Palm-trees, using addition as planters for garden decoration the ancient spa baths, some pieces of marble that are preserved intact. This makes the Resort enjoy more than 8,000 m2 of elegant gardens with spectacular panoramic views of the Playa de Las Arenas. Taking as a base the architectural model of the halls that housed the old spa, this classical building becomes a reference for all those who visit Valencia and want to enjoy a cosy complex.