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The ancient wisdom of the arcana accompanies us from thousands of years ago. While access to the message of the letters has been made much easier, thanks to new technologies and ease that today people have to access knowledge, must not lose sight that the ritual of the tarot is a gift that the gods of ancient Egypt have left for all mortals. So although free, the Oracle of the arcana is a treasure of incalculable value, especially for those people willing to listen to. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kodak. Imagine that the reader proposes a question about her love life. It is for me or not that person I have ever known? With one letter will be sufficient to discern an answer. Some favorable arcana are lovers, who says bluntly that the relationship will go wind aft, as well as the two of cups, arcane that anticipate us a favorable for the relationship end. But other arcana are contrary to our wishes. The three sword tells us that we will possibly be victims of an infidelity.

This is very exposed in the symbolism of this letter: three swords that cross a red heart: life no longer possible, because the engine of the same, the heart, is broken. The wheel of fortune has announced that luck is on our side. But the victories that brings this arcane, tend to be ephemeral, because as you win, you lose with equal speed. This is what evidence the same wheel. Just as today we are up, in a short time we will be down. Truck is a type of distinct triumph.

In this case, the victory comes as a result of an effort sustained by the consultant. It’s situations where triumphs are enjoyed more by how much that has struggled to get them. The consultant has the power of horses pulling truck, to carry forward any situation, by most thwarted it. Will this free way, the Oracle give you valuable information, so that anyone can access the valuable message that the Egyptians left for us, the emissaries of their gods in the more beyond.