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Kiev Wedding

How will any of them – in advance is impossible to predict. Therefore, the toastmaster always improvising, even if his job involves some preparation. However, remember that it is valued in the toaster ability not to let the wedding take its course. Since the event, modern toaster, like his colleague in the profession of Georgia, it must logically conclude. For example, ask the young to pronounce the final toast, which they thank guests for their presence at the wedding. There are several things that self-respecting toastmaster absolutely should not do at a wedding: First, do not take a single drop of alcohol for "inspiration." Drinking toastmaster – indispensable character jokes about weddings, the first half of whom are having fun guests, and the second – only himself. Second, the toastmaster should not divide the wedding with the musicians on the principle of it is punctuated by an hour to one hour disco.

Some of the wedding (especially those families that are unfamiliar), and sometimes takes time to switch to the active games and dances. Therefore, the "rest" Toastmasters just when guests sit down at the wedding table under the zealous accompaniment of columns, it may be premature. It is desirable that the Ukrainian toastmaster was a master state and Russian languages and thus could maintain a conversation with any of the invitees. I want to recall that the toaster is not the dollar, to please each guest and entertain each one individually, as if he has neither sought. Unfortunately, not all people can celebrate and have fun, just like for some fun called overactive absorption of alcohol.

Therefore, when 70 guests listen attentively to the toast, and one drunken, loud calls for dancing, it's time to step mother of bride and groom. Dear young! Remember that toastmaster – not a policeman and not an employee drunk tank. Toastmasters – an artist who has agreed to organize and hold a feast for you. Help him as much as your wedding and will shine brightly. Contact: Leading Sergei Mikhailovich, tel: 8094925 60 07 (Through dialing the last seven digits with the city of Kiev), 8,066,225 36 33, kapriz.m @ gmail.com,, (letter to the address it is desirable to duplicate). Authorship of the material 'Who is the toastmaster, and how to choose tamada' belongs to the site and protected 'by copyright law and Related Rights' in Ukraine.