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Financial Literacy In Children – As Children Gain A

When I talk about financial education, many parents ask me how to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in their children. The truth is that all children possess an innate entrepreneurial spirit. They are curious, inquisitive and highly creative. These are all essential qualities of an entrepreneur. In fact, every human being is born with the same spirit, but is off in the course of our lives for our education, culture and traditions. Why should we promote an entrepreneurial spirit in our children? Some parents worry that their children may get very materialistic. However, entrepreneurship goes beyond just making money.

It is the discovery and development of talents and skills of the child. Every human being is born with a unique combination of gifts and strengths. They are a gift from God and is our responsibility to develop and use them for the good of ourselves and the community around us. It is the role of parents help their children discover their strengths, develop and ultimately learn how to generate revenue with them. The most important thing is to let the child play in an environment that respects their individuality and not to obstruct the development of their creativity.

Thus entrepreneurship is manifested in a very natural to them. The natural process of development of entrepreneurship in a child: A child is constantly exploring their environment. Accompanying their parents in the daily work and copy what they do. Create objects and drawings that are a reflection of his desire to produce and contribute. Throughout this process is discovering who he is. At first, his creations are informal and very rustic. At this stage it is difficult to recognize the powerful development process that lies behind these early creations. They seem to be a mere hobby, but the child is developing their skills. If you are allowed enough freedom and time to follow this natural process, you will discover in what areas can excel, the will develop over the years and one day come to excel in them. A Once at this point, other people will use their knowledge and skills and even going to be willing to pay for it.