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Within the arcane minors, the swords are a letter group with a special force. All the saga of the swords is crossed by a creative force, a power that guarantees that great changes will take place in the life of the consulting one. But, care, when the swords leave revealed in the distance of the east tarot to be able that unties without control, can be as much in favor of the consulting one as against. The force and the virtue not always go of the hand. And this is very clearly expressed just by to contemplate the ace of swords: the sword crosses the crown, which means that the legal order sometimes is lowered by a powerful force, that can or not build with justice. The swords also have a spiritual flank. When the swords leave exposed, the message could talk about to an innovating idea that it comes to occupy a place in the world, a notion that once released will do that the things as they are conceived they change.

Dangerous woman the reflected one in the two of swords. She blinds, because she is bandaged, brandishes two crossed swords. She remembers us to the justice, that also has a sword in its hand, but in this case the aim is nobler. This woman does not leave anybody approaches to him. Its defensive position assures to him that nobody, neither by right nor by left, can arrive near her. The swords cross near the heart, reinforcing this idea. Beautiful, she is certain, but single, and by own decision. This letter often reflects an obstinate person, who does not want to see the reality.

It is a call to the reflection, because the ignorance can not be the unique consequence. We do not forget that the swords have two edges, cutting so much that is attacked as that it attacks. The three of sword reinforce the idea of sentimental sinking. This is clear expressed by the heart crossed by three swords. It is not doubts: one a little while approaches of suffering and deception. It can be a love that us has been unfaithful, or it has lain to us. Nevertheless, this letter also has a positive aspect, and is the one of the learned lesson. No matter how much the suffering weighs to us, if we learned of this bad moment, has not been in vain. The pain gives an opportunity us to advance and to grow. These are only some of letters of the wood of the swords that they can leave reflected in the distance of the tarot. They are letters with a very exclusive energy, that deal with particularly the subjects of the heart. To learn to interpret them correctly is a lesson that is necessary to learn for being able to understand in its totality than it deals with the message the arcane ones.