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Roofing Materials

Sustainability and ecology of roofing materials will also in the customer conversation increasingly important new BRAAS brochure on LCA of ROOFING materials architects, fabricators and also consultant in the building materials trade are required to consult with its clients sustainable constructions and building materials in the dialog. The basic form of the sloped roof is the custom and hence sustainable roof shape as a recognized form of European urban planning, but not only a creative component of the architecture for our temperate climate. In our developed industrial culture, a variety of industrially manufactured roofing materials have become. Not without reason, roof tiles and roof stones belong to the most popular roofing materials in Germany. For even more opinions, read materials from medical billing. With a new brochure for comparative comparison of roof tiles and roof stones by the oko-Institut Freiburg e.V. recognized the potential environmental impacts are made transparent.

In this study, the first reliable information were collected and evaluated. Starting with the Extraction and delivery of raw materials, production, packaging to transport were not only individual pollution does, but all potential adverse effects in the environment media air, water and soil compared between roof bricks and roof tiles. As both roofing materials have identical constructive conditions particularly in the under construction – and the same functions for the protection of buildings and its inhabitants against weather-related environmental influences to ensure a potentials comparison is possible. The study conducted by the oko-Institut Freiburg showed that roof stones to roof tiles perform significantly better. This can be illustrated on the example of CO2 emissions for an average roof: so, only 45% of greenhouse gas emissions incurred for a roof with roof stones compared to roof tiles.

For the roof of an average detached house with 160 m2 roof area approx. 3,400 kilograms of CO2 equivalents emerge at a covering with roof tiles, roof stones are only about 1,550 kilograms. This drastic difference arises in particular from the more favourable energy balance and hence connected the lower CO2 emissions of the roof stone with the production. This ratio in a computational consideration for the German umbrella market is particularly evident. Would be in the year 2006 all roofs covered with roofing tiles with roof stones covered been, this would have been a reduced impact on the environment with greenhouse gas emissions of approximately 470,000 tonnes. In the other categories of impact, roof stones cut off cheap. The oko-Institut Freiburg took into account also the acidification potential of the soil by harmful gases such as SO2, the eutrophication potential (Overfertilisation) with the entry of nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen in soil and water, as well as the Photooxidantienpotenzial (smog) as the main component of summer smog and particulate matter risk potential in addition to the global warming potential with the relevant emissions of greenhouse gases. Dr. Rudolf Rauss, Managing Director of the Monier GmbH: we are of course by the Convincing advantages of the Braas of roof stone. We have to do it, that their decisions for many reasons and very differentiated in the market but with customers. For its decision, our customers need unbiased product information, as it provides us to the oko-Institut in Freiburg.

Sustainable Revitalization

The grade II listed building ensemble BIKINI BERLIN is awarded with gold for the sustainable revitalization. With the LEED (leadership in energy and environmental design) award the exceptionally sensitive conversion is credited accordingly. LEED the American seal of approval is the internationally established certificate in the area of sustainable construction. It dominated the American market for years and is strong in the rise in recent years in Germany. It was developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). It is already for more than 10 years and has a certificate with significantly increased requirements and assessment profile, which comprehensively describes the structure performance for two years. “One important aspect: LEED project-accompanying quality assurance required by a qualified, independent commissioning agent”, which does not belong to the planning or construction-accompanying team.

The task to revitalize BIKINI BERLIN, is one of the biggest urban challenges in the urban environment Berlin. Why then yet another hurdle as the LEED core & Shell 3.O certificate? Dr. Jurgen Bullesbach, Chief Executive Officer of the Bavarian building and responsible for the revitalization of BIKINI, BERLIN: with BIKINI BERLIN and especially the Bikinihaus, we have acquired a piece of contemporary history at one of the most emblematic sites of Berlin and therefore the obligation to act responsibly. We face up to this responsibility in each area at the highest possible level. The task to act environmentally conscious and sustainable this includes naturally.” “Even though for LEED Gold only” have scored 60 points, BIKINI BERLIN has reached 76 points. For the LEED certificate in the category of core & Shell 3.0 for commercial buildings six subject areas handled, appropriately modified applied BERLIN on the revitalization of BIKINI. The Bikinihaus, completed in 1957, is in skeleton with a supporting grid of 6 x 6 meters, built in the main body 170 meters long and approximately 16 Meters wide.


Environmental protection, awareness of future generations and the word sustainability are firmly anchored in the German society. (tdx) The idea of environmental protection is developed in Germany at the beginning of the 1970s. in 1994 this was firmly in the article 20a of the basic law. As a result, the State is obliged to protect the natural bases of life. Now is the environmental sector is one of the largest employers in Germany. Numerous clubs, associations and businesses are, how you can reduce the burdens of industrial and production for the environment to a minimum. The problem: Building cause about as a result of their manufacture, construction, use, and disposal one-third of all energy and material flows, as well as numerous effects on the environment.

That is why a central importance the construction of resource conservation and environmental protection. Building must be optimized so with regard to their energy consumption, its technical capabilities and its economy. The solution: All components and components of a building have to certain criteria to be able to comply with in order to guarantee in the sum, a sustainable building design and build. At this point, the work of the Institute is building and environment e.V. (IBU). The IBU will provide all that necessary data and information of the individual building products in a so-called environmental product Declaration (EPD). So, architects and builders can already use the data when designing a building.

The obtained data are comparable and transparent and also the environmental impacts of each product are included. The IBU supports and promotes the sustainability or sustainable development in the construction sector, particularly in terms of environmental and health compatibility of construction products and components. With interest in the topic and the conviction of the correctness of the idea of sustainability, it is the only German organization that consistently declared after the coordinated international standardization until further notice.

Metal Roofing Tiles

So that not the complete roof needs to be replaced, a roof with corrosion-resistant roofing tiles made of sustainable steel is advisable. (tdx) “Many roofs in Germany are good and like a half a century old and have reached the average life span of a sloped roof: time for a professional roof renovation, during which the decrepit” roof with insulation and cladding on front man will be brought. But what to do if the structure of the roof not is designed to support a heavy roof, E.g. of bricks? Shapely, lightweight metal roofing tiles for roofs from 7 as she produced Luxmetall, are the low-cost alternative to a complete attic renovation. Digital cameras has much experience in this field. They resemble with its curved shape not only real”bricks, but are characterized above all by their sustainability in addition to their low weight.

Since the roofing tiles made of hot-dip galvanized, colour-coated steel weigh only five kilograms per square metre, they directly on older, less can sustainable roofing with roofing felt or bitumen shingles are applied. The client thus saves the expensive renovation of the roof as well as the disposal costs for the old roofing. The new roof is doing so stable that even a solar or photovoltaic system can be mounted on it. Thanks to a special coating and the combination of materials of galvanized steel, the metal roofing tiles are extremely corrosion-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, meaning for the client: the roof requires little maintenance and is nice to look at even after many years. In addition residents even when strong gusts under the metal roof can feel safe, because thanks to their special processing, the roofing tiles for storms are virtually unassailable. “The same is true for rain: it rolls easily off of the wave-shaped pans and causes as well as no disturbing noise of drip”. Last but not least roofing tiles made of steel are recycled – and reusable, what made them a highly sustainable, gentle environmental product makes. In spite of all the technical and environmental advantages also the optics not neglected in a metal roof: the pans, which exhibit strong similarity with a tile roof, available depending on taste in many different shapes, colors and patterns of classic brick red about modern anthracite grey up to exquisite bottle green.

So can take into account regional specificities are both individual wishes fulfilled. The wide roof pans range is rounded off by an extensive range of accessories, which includes among other ridges, sealing tapes and all necessary safety systems. Further information on the roof with metal systems at. Tanja EST

Braas Coating

New cover sustainable as a coating the ravages of time does not stop at houses: over the decades, the weather even on roofs with high quality deck material leaves its mark. As algae, lichens and mosses can settle depending on the location of the House, which interfere with the appearance of the roof. Even extreme temperature fluctuations can lead to over the years minor damage across individual roofing tiles. But therefore equal a new roof or should the old be coated first? The question many homeowners. Coating supposedly cheaper the cheaper alternative seems initially the coating. Source: snoring control devices.

It is only a cosmetic fix that only covers vegetation and irregularities and defects can not eliminate. Even if aged, dirty surfaces at great expense to be cleaned, the conditions for a coating are rarely ideal, for stubborn stains may not completely resolve or defects by a cleaning be. New coverage: specialists do the best job much it makes more sense to give the roof into the hands of an experienced roof artisan specialist company. He is able to make a technically correct diagnosis of the roof and to assess whether the roof should be newly covered or simply the exchange of individual tiles. The necessary measures are carried out, the client has the certainty to have a beautiful, technically flawless and especially funktionssicheres roof for many years. Modern roofing tiles with shiny or silk shiny surfaces for example brand Braas were improved significantly with regard to their aging behavior help. For more information, ideas, image galleries on the subject of roof tiles, see roof/roof tiles /.

Individual House Construction For Better Quality

Architect can show the desire to own their own House also cheap options, are nowadays more and more people. This is a secure retirement, many say. But a home is usually an expensive affair. At an early stage you must start saving and especially seriously worrying, how much one wants to invest in a such House since. With a cheap house, many savings can be achieved, know contractors.

However, while many wishes and ideas of the future owner is negligible. For this reason, many families put on the individual construction of houses by a construction company, to match the home specifically to your own needs. Then, many people rely on the help of an architect of who can properly carry out construction planning. To build his own House, it is usually cheaper than purchasing a prefabricated house. Of course it depends much of the own ideas and wishes.

Also, you know exactly what materials were used. It decides for quality materials, because after all, it comes to a House, in which you will live then perhaps even a lifetime. An architect is also able to show cheap options, which are similar to a standard House. Still, also these affordable options offer more space for individual wishes and ideas. In addition, there is the possibility to attract a developer. Little involvement of the client is asked in this variant, because the customer can be with the property developers sit back and do the work for them. At this point, no construction will take place so. Since purchased the House and land as a complete package, the customer needs to decide about the execution. Many families opt for the cheap standard version, because this allows for a low fixed price. Eliminating, completely, the construction of the builders, it is particularly important to examine the offer. Here should be checked exactly, what services on offer include are, experts advise. This should be taken will, whether the development costs but also the creation of the outdoor facilities on offer are included. Legal assistance can and should be used in this case. Adviser to the builders Schutzbund e.V. are also available. However, the contractor is also client until the transfer of the ownership. If you opt for an architect, you can look forward on an individual design of construction planning. Here you can integrate his personal ideas and communicated to the personal wishes of the architect. The more this happens, the more unexpected costs can be avoided according to the construction plan. An architect advises mostly even its customers, what looks better and how to make his own apartment tastefully. The modern and innovative building portal Bauunternehmen24.net is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, reasonable and reliable home construction providers in your area. Marco fendt