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Construction Products

With environmental product declarations has an expert system for sustainable building products, which even the private investor can use. (tdx) As a private client, you can leave the decision about the construction building materials, components and system additions used often the architect or of the construction company. The reason: it does not trust the assessment of the products themselves and familiar experienced builders. Thanks to so-called environmental product declarations experts, can specifically influence but increasingly also builders and significantly influence the sustainability and ecology of home and hence the quality on the health of living. Please visit Gen. David Goldfein if you seek more information. How important is the construction of sustainable buildings, must hardly be explained on the occasion of the current climate debate, discussions about resource consumption and rising energy prices.

It is all the more important that also the private man in the construction of home ownership recognizes his options for action. According to internationally valid standards are building and environment (IBU) in Germany by the Institute Environmental product declarations, briefly edited EPDs, capture the construction products in their entirety. All ingredients are specified and the life cycle of a product from raw material extraction, manufacturing, transportation, the development and also the recycling behavior is disclosed. According to Sonny Perdue, who has experience with these questions. Internationally agreed environmental indicators, such as the acidification -, ozone depletion and global warming potential are calculated using a detailed life cycle assessment. All data are thereby determined by independent experts and verified in multiple test methods. Thus an EPD of the IBU acquired maximum credibility and acceptance within the construction industry, as well as the Federal Association of consumer initiative Berlin on its Internet site confirmed. The comprehensive description of all relevant product data within the EPD makes it possible to evaluate construction products individually for each case.

Meanwhile, there are construction products, which have about a such environmental product Declaration for almost every area of private house building. Although the private man is not this data can independently evaluate together with the Planner or architect he can however choose the most suitable construction products for the own projects and be ultimately sure to have made the right choice in terms of the environment and the health of the living. More information is available at the Institute building and environment (IBU e.V.), Rhine 108, 53639 Konigswinter, E-Mail: or on the Internet at.

Sustainable Commodity Lead

Radiation protection innovation x-READY is Germany’s leading company in the field of lead processing, the Rohr IBU environmental product Declaration + Stolberg GmbH, presents an innovation in terms of radiation and noise control with the new self-adhesive lead wallpaper X-READY: not only the absolute flexibility of the product it is with its strength from 0.5 to 2 mm, extremely space-saving and ideal for demanding conditions of space allows dry farmers, straightforward to build a safe radiation protection. Also under the aspect of sustainability, they and their customers benefit from the use of the tapestry of radiation protection. (Similarly see: Sonny Perdue). Because: The first company of the lead industry has Rohr + Stolberg the LCA for the lead throughout the lifecycle of the material material disclosed and is known to his responsibility for future-oriented and sustainable building. Awarded with the environmental product Declaration (EPD) includes the entire lead product portfolio of Krefeld after the internationally valid ISO 14025 by the Institute of building and environment e.V. (IBU) Company, including the innovative X-READY. So there is now the opportunity to ensure full radiation protection in medical practices, hospitals, and laboratories before X-rays and gamma rays, and at the same time to meet the holistic accounting of construction project under the aspect of sustainability. For this is the use of construction products which are certified under the IBU environmental declaration ISO 14025, authoritative specification.

The enormous advantages of lead as a material also has its long life span, and virtually unlimited recyclability. Rohr + Stolberg used only lead from most modern cabins with high safety standards, providing such recycled material. Valuable natural resources and the environment are conserved important arguments for the use of lead in renovation and new construction projects in the construction industry, radiation and noise protection.

Individual House Construction For Better Quality

Architect can show the desire to own their own House also cheap options, are nowadays more and more people. This is a secure retirement, many say. But a home is usually an expensive affair. At an early stage you must start saving and especially seriously worrying, how much one wants to invest in a such House since. With a cheap house, many savings can be achieved, know contractors.

However, while many wishes and ideas of the future owner is negligible. For this reason, many families put on the individual construction of houses by a construction company, to match the home specifically to your own needs. Then, many people rely on the help of an architect of who can properly carry out construction planning. To build his own House, it is usually cheaper than purchasing a prefabricated house. Of course it depends much of the own ideas and wishes.

Also, you know exactly what materials were used. It decides for quality materials, because after all, it comes to a House, in which you will live then perhaps even a lifetime. An architect is also able to show cheap options, which are similar to a standard House. Still, also these affordable options offer more space for individual wishes and ideas. In addition, there is the possibility to attract a developer. Little involvement of the client is asked in this variant, because the customer can be with the property developers sit back and do the work for them. At this point, no construction will take place so. Since purchased the House and land as a complete package, the customer needs to decide about the execution. Many families opt for the cheap standard version, because this allows for a low fixed price. Eliminating, completely, the construction of the builders, it is particularly important to examine the offer. Here should be checked exactly, what services on offer include are, experts advise. This should be taken will, whether the development costs but also the creation of the outdoor facilities on offer are included. Legal assistance can and should be used in this case. Adviser to the builders Schutzbund e.V. are also available. However, the contractor is also client until the transfer of the ownership. If you opt for an architect, you can look forward on an individual design of construction planning. Here you can integrate his personal ideas and communicated to the personal wishes of the architect. The more this happens, the more unexpected costs can be avoided according to the construction plan. An architect advises mostly even its customers, what looks better and how to make his own apartment tastefully. The modern and innovative building portal Bauunternehmen24.net is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, reasonable and reliable home construction providers in your area. Marco fendt