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Virus Winsector

How then came home and stuck the stick with the documents that I pulled off at their school. I began to observe the appearance of a heap of bugs that prevented normal operation. I'm even more surprised when my Kaspersky 2009 just died. AND vasche refused to boot. And so the diagnosis is clear: What a nasty virus, which a simple antivirusnik can not handle. Poyuzat on the Internet I found that this virus family Win32.Sector * also known as VIRUS.WIN32.Sality.z. At that time I was Win32.Sector16. Brief description of the virus, just do what he's all about.

The first thing the virus infects all running processes. Infects all 'exe' files, all games and programs are infected. Disables antivirus. Can not go to official sites antivirusnika, not to mention download any of them. Disables the Task Manager. Modifies the registry as a result and also blocks access to it.

There is still a lot of glitches depends on the version of the virus, I enumerated ground. Treatment of the virus can not be infected mk processes, resulting in cure 1 file, beginning to treat 2 1 infected again. That's a waste of time. Signs. If your antivirus did not define it, but there are doubts, it is easy to learn if you have this virus on the first signs. 1. Disable anti-virus. (But just antivirus can work simply to ignore the virus or to give medication is not possible, but as a result he is still off.) 2. When you call the manager task falls mistake. (Call Manager, the keys Ctrl + Alt + Del.) 3. Not possible to go into the Registry Editor, just falls mistake. (To enter into the registry by running: Start => Run … type in the command REGEDIT => Ok.) And so if the symptoms are the same it's time to get to work. For treatment, we need 3 tools. 1. Free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt. 2. Anti-virus utility AVZ. 3. Bootable Live CD. Complication. The fact is, as I wrote above, the virus does not download anti-virus programs. So you have not found an infected computer (eg friends) and download it. And training tools as well do with an affected computer. Hopefully with this you have big problems will not arise. The most optimal option is having 2 drive, run on a Live CD, on the other Dr.Web CureIt and AVZ. Then the problem is quite simplified. But if one drive then you can write all of these programs on one disc. If the disk from the Live CD to add a couple of folders with the programs or anything bad will happen. Dr.Web CureIt and AVZ program requires no installation, therefore, also run with the disc. Proceed to treatment. Reboot your computer, press del, to expose the boot from the disc. Expose the boot from the floppy disk, save and reboot (F10). Wait until the boot OSes with a Live CD. Run Dr.Web CureIt, doing 'Full Scan' and treat all that we found this excellent utility. Cure, we leave from Live CD and run the native OSes. Run AVZ, choose File => System Restore and tick where necessary, the main points: 1, 11, 17. => Execute selected operations. If everything was a virus, you already have, or should all services impeccably. sue. Note: If you do not run CureIt and AVZ, should just rename them. For example Cur1025elt2.exe, 012VZ5478.exe. No matter how important that the virus could not identify them by name.

Download Free Sims

Any child playing a game, live as if it were not for one human life, but a few. And any game, in principle, represents a real life. It should be noted that this ambiguity makes it possible to at least arrange livelihoods baby is much more multifaceted and diverse. And yet, growing up, the child begins to see that life is given us only one, and stop playing games. Although the inner desire to continue the role-play remains even at an older age, everyone of us. Frankly, it is in this way appeared on the electronic horizon multifaceted role toy sims, which shocked not only children and teenagers, and in addition and generation adults. Because that in the sims the ability to create a separate house, a real family, and really be able to live not only life, but at least a couple.

However, the direct origin of his victorious march on personal computers, the whole world the sims game was not open to everyone. Everything became different when search and download the sims 3 game really turned on the special sites of the global network. Today there is no need to seek out a special game of supermarkets on the disks. You can simply enter the portal – and pick up just such a game that you personally like best. Especially taking into account that in the sims really play not just adults, but also kids, in this case – though the whole little family. Selecting characters to form for them especially suitable living space, you'll be able to enjoy a rich and strong enough to resembling a real life role-playing game. Because the game involves not only technical specifications on the equipment shelter, but also social relationships between the characters.

At the same time at the moment actually find enough different variations of this game, to way, based on the newest members of the fashion trends, popular books about Harry Potter, as well as many other role models. By the way, you can find free games sims 3 series of gardens and mansions. With its using options sims much more becoming. Suburban mansions and villas actors now really easy to drown in the green, putting all sorts of plants for personal liking. Consequently garden decor, submitted by the developers of the sims, today provides an opportunity to take a chance and realize themselves as such. And, though it's only a game, but whatever video game is only a fraction of the game itself. AND may well be that these skills and concepts you will be able to implement at their dacha land. Buying options are free of computer game sims, you get to yourself and your loved ones is truly unusual computer games, which will enable not only brighten up the time, and in addition and does not live a human life.