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Bio Must Be

HAWITA group from Vechta teaches new substrate line of gardeners and consumers on the origin should make use of organic substrates. Only when the Earth comes from regional production, bio at all makes sense. With this philosophy, the HAWITA brings group from Vechta a wide range with organic substrates on the market for the first time. The range includes for example soils for perennials, herbs and flowers. You will be presented the audience on this year’s international plant fair (IPM) from 24 to 27 January in Essen. The organic soils come exclusively from Germany and Eastern Europe and ecologically produced, assured Simon Tabeling group, managing partner of HAWITA.

To transport the components of organic substrates by the world is finally no more environmentally sound and sustainable, like buying an organic Apple from New Zealand”, compares t. Range for specialists the HAWITA group has increased demand for organic substrates into account. So far have so wide a range of only a few providers in the professional area. Our customers should get top quality for every application for bio products”Managing Director emphasises. HAWITA has in Germany both own peat deposits as well as their own clay deposits and a bark humus production. The substrates are manufactured at the place of raw and packaged, avoids unnecessary intermediate transport.

The manufacturer supplies from the production site to the customer. With the development of a deposit system for planters, HAWITA has already set standards several years ago in terms of sustainability. Peat remains irreplaceable the use of peat as a renewable resource in a bio product makes sense according to Managing Director t, when it comes to restrict the high pH or salt levels of other aggregates and to establish a coordinated mix of substrate for specific application purposes. At the bog bedding plants, peat is virtually irreplaceable. And also for the Plant propagation is an important additive, reminding t. All organic soils are certified professionals as well as for the hobby gardener completely according to the EU regulation 834 / 2007 and can therefore be used in the organic gardening. This HAWITA used only approved organic fertilizer in the production. The single substrate aggregate must be also approved and are fermented separately from conventional production and monitored. Stefan Freiwald

WELTEC Builds 1-megawatt Bio Gas Plant In Hungary

WELTEC BIOPOWER has begun with the construction of a biogas plant in Szeged, Southern Hungary, in April. WELTEC BIOPOWER has begun with the construction of a biogas plant in Szeged, Southern Hungary, in April. Clients and operators is the Zoldforras Energia, a subsidiary of the Hungarian power supplier DeMSZ. The 1-megawatt plant, in which two block heat a600 kilowatts per hour work is to generate electricity and heat from the end of 2011 on the basis of Schweingulle and corn silage. The substrates are supplied by farmers from the vicinity of the site. Farmers remove the fermentation residue resulting from the biogas production, and bring them as fertilizer on their fields. With the generated heat office buildings are air-conditioned.

The WELTEC biogas plant has two full 3000 cubic feet stainless steel fermenter with double membrane roof. Each fermenter has thus once again a gas buffer capacity of the 1016 cubic meters. In addition, an external gas storage with a capacity of 650 cubic meters is installed on the premises (see chart). The aim is There, the twice electricity price, which is paid during the day, to make optimal use. If you are not convinced, visit CAGR. Therefore the biogas is collected at night in the fermenter enter store and the external gas storage, and during the day the two cogeneration plants full load run.

Zoldforras Energia WELTEC awarded supported by the Hungarian sales partner Inwatech, also, because WELTEC facilities adjacent to the high yield of electricity and heat guarantee an economical energy self-consumption. Hungary wants to electricity generation based on renewable energies consistently voranbrin-gen and promotes the construction of biogas plants, inter alia through one-time grants. With the help of subsidies, the share of renewables in energy consumption is expected to increase to 13 per cent up to the year 2020 of according to German Hungarian Chamber of industry and trade. Currently running 12 biogas plants in the country. 40 more are planned or already under construction. It is intended to expand the capacity for biogas plants on a total of about 32 megawatts, what then would be equivalent to a funfprozentigen share of the biogas energy production from renewable by 2020. The Majority of projects is included in supported investments in livestock in attack-related. As a barrier to investment the long payback periods turned out to be here so far. Therefore, among other things the Einspeisevergu-obligations are checked. Biogas is still equivalent to natural gas in the remuneration, will be given priority in the network in the future however. Hungary already has a very good network of natural gas and is well positioned for the global trend to use natural and bio gas to generate electricity.

Munich Unicreditbank

Island Mainau and VAUDE bicycle fleets of bicycle-leasing company LeaseRad gains against the winner of test bike fleet of Freiburg bicycle leasing company LeaseRad in the last year’s competition for the most bike-friendly employers were accepted beginning May their wheels and E-bikes: for six weeks, employees of VAUDE sport GmbH and the Mainau GmbH test the obtained Pedelecs and cycles on the way to work. As a supporter of the competition advertised for the first time in the last year of the German working group for environmental Managament (B.A.U.M..) the bicycle leasing pioneers of Fribourg put each a fleet of Pedelecs, E-bikes or normal bicycles as prizes of LEAseRad GmbH. In may, the winner of the test fleets were able to take their wheels in reception. The island of Mainau and the sporting goods manufacturer Vaude honored for their exemplary activities in the area of promoting cycling in the operation. Electric Bikes wanted to know more. Heinrich Straub, head of the Department of environmental management at the flower Island, was pleased about the Pedelecs and conventional wheels, which now employees can go their ways. For many years, the Mainau GmbH with a thorough environmental program in the area of sustainable mobility is very active and was twice awarded with the B.A.U.M.

environmental award. The now extracted test fleet complements the Zweiradfurhpark with the employees, who have no own bicycle, their commutes to the and put back on the island of flowers. “Also VauDe is delighted about the Pedelecs: the test fleet complements our E-bike vehicle fleet, we provide our employees for the working ways – and also for use on weekends – the journalists”, Hancock was delighted by VAUDE sport GmbH Patzwall. The bicycle-leasing company LeaseRad wants to with his support of the competition for the most bike-friendly employers once more demonstrate, that the bike and E-bike the alternative number is one way to work: the concept of LeaseRad shows that climate protection, health, and cost savings for sustainable to bring small businesses and local communities undertaken under a hat! “, is the motto of the CEO Ulrich preacher who brought the test fleet personally. At short distances, the wheel in every respect is ecologically unbeatable up to six kilometern, and it is also the fastest of all means of transport. The LeaseRad GmbH has won several awards for its innovative business concept of sustainable E-mobility concepts and leased bike and E-bike fleets at the Frankfurt construction company ABG, the city of Stuttgart and the Munich Unicreditbank..

Sustainable Sport Fishing

The representative of the fisheries of Central America counsel counselor ecological impact of fishing tourism in El Salvador, 25 February 2010 – for two days. You want to work out criteria for species of sport fishing, which is an economically relevant alternative for the regional fishing industry. At the opening the Vice Minister for agriculture, Hugo Alexander Flores, derstellvertretende Director of the Centre for the development of fisheries and aquaculture (CENDEPESCA), Cesar Vanegas, Director of the Organization were fisheries along the isthmus of Central America (OSPESCA), as well as of the Central American Integration System (SICA), Mario Gonzalez, and the Director of environmental sciences of the Foundation of billfish (an international organization which is engaged in the ecosystem of the Ocean), Doctor Russell Nelsonthat part. Set of rules for dealing with the species affected by the tourist fishing is on the agenda. The project is driven by the program of regional integration projects, where fishermen can use all the facilities such as sports, tourism and trade as support the livelihood. Tourism and fishing are very important sectors in Central America, since they represent the source of income for the Central American population. The OSPESCA, the SICA and the Foundation of billfish, which both analyze the socio-economic impact of sport fishing and explore, as also standards define, determine the Bill fishing for certain species of fish that are the target of this fishery, is how tolerant.

She signed a consent form of cooperation, which confirm the participation of other national and regional institutions on this plan for regional reconciliation. It is created by the Member States of the OSPESCA. This kind of effort favors pressing ahead with programs for infrastructure and services that attract more tourists. Set up trial basis a route along the Central American waterways can be visited and the Fish species of the sport fishing can be used both privately and publicly. The regional coordinator of the OSPESCA, SR. Mario Gonzalez, adding that biological and socio-economic research making is that promote the continued existence and the use of fish or watch. Especially the migratory species of fish contribute to the revival of this fishery. It aims to promote sustainable development of fishing and agriculture as part of the policy of integration of Central America.

Great Demand For Sustainable Energy Supply

Premiere of the DENEX 2009 in Wiesbaden is successfully ending Wiesbaden, July 03, 2009: an eco-friendly and sustainable energy supply is demand for ever was to significantly Rhein-Main-Hallen Wiesbaden on the DENEX in the. Professionals in the fields of energy, trade, public administration, health, forestry and housing industry and research opportunities the electricity and heat supply with renewable energy and energy-efficient construction and renovation techniques informed on the 2nd and 3rd July. The trade exhibition with Congress informed professionals offering a diverse and high-quality information and showed that renewable energy in large buildings offer convenient solutions. Large solar thermal systems, LOGSTOR Germany GmbH, BRUGG rohrsysteme GmbH presented PARADIGM DEUTSCHLAND GmbH, for example, or innovative solutions in the field of Nah-and district heating showed Uponor GmbH. SOLARvent biomass heating systems GmbH, ALA-Talkkari Oy or bio force nature brennstoffe GmbH presented biomass heaters. As important energy regulation and control, Siemens building technologies GmbH & co.

oHG on his stand made clear. ESCOs showed how renewable energies or appropriate remedial measures as coordinated overall concept work, and what is the potential of energy savings in Urbana energy services GmbH, MVV energy services GmbH, NGT contracting GmbH, the interested trade visitors. Opening on 02/07, numerous representatives of State and local politics were strongly represented. Thorsten Schafer Gumbel, Chairman of the Hessian SPD, who specially came to the afternoon on a tour of the fair, informed by exhibitors such as juwi Holding AG or of the ESWE Versorgungs AG energy solutions and technical details for a sustainable energy supply. About 360 participants exchanged lively with speakers and exhibitors. Symantha Rodriguez: the source for more info. At the Symposium, regenerative heating was the entire local and district heating industry represented, that the Managing Director Werner suck the energy efficiency Association for Heating, cooling and CHP e.

V. (AGFW) welcomed. In the framework of the Conference on energy efficiency in the hospital planners and technical managers in the healthcare, engineers, architects and scientists on technical issues and complex energy solutions exchanged. The technically detailed questions in the International Symposium of energy wood plantations bore witness to the professional competence of the assembled experts from research, forestry and energy. Also the 68 exhibitors consistently praised the high level of discussions. We are very satisfied. The DENEX provides an excellent marketplace for the presentation of its activities and products. Good atmosphere to deepen contacts with customers and competition”, so Dipl.-ing. Manfred Zimmer, biofuels nature fuels Ltd. Managing Director the combination of fair trade exhibitors and Congress provides exactly the high quality audience, we want to achieve with our company presentation. The quantity and quality of the linked contacts convinced us in 2010 to be”again, so Dr. Andreas Wimmer, Member of the Management Board technical marketing, company of varmeco GmbH & co. KG. “We are very satisfied. There were many good conversations, how better to integrate professional networks and activities in the future in the trade fair. In this respect, we assume that the event will further establish itself in the coming years”, so the conclusion by Stefanie Hartlieb, project management the DENEX. The DENEX 2010 held in the next year on 8th and 9th July in the Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Sustainable MSCfisheries

Berlin BIO caterer select catering MSC products uses the blue seal of the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) enjoys world-wide trust and stands for environmentally conscious and sustainable fishing. There is the opportunity to make environmentally friendly choices when purchasing fish restaurateurs and consumers. Healthy oceans are not only essential for a vibrant Habitat sea, but also for the livelihoods around the world. Never weighed a stronger pressure than today the result of economic and ecological impact on our oceans: because for years, the number of consumers rises, fish consumption increased only Germany in the last 10 years by 40%. Symantha Rodriguez: the source for more info. Therefore a number of sustainable projects and measures were initiated around the world: in addition to quotas, and protection of spawning areas and prohibition of discard (discarding of by-catch), in particular the certification programs for consumers of fish counter and freezer are interesting. MSC – the most famous seal is an independent, global, self-sustaining organization, whose Aims, amounts and genetic structure of fish stocks so to receive that reproduction is not affected. Just when fish many customers questioning the quality”, event planner Kitty van Aarlen Berlin catering select white. As organic caterer we use MSC products in addition to fish from aquaculture often, as the flexible supply quantities to cover large events.” Currently, 10% of the fish offered in Germany is already from MSC certified fisheries. The range includes tuna, Sockeye wild salmon as plaice and Zander. Good to know for the consumer: in Europe, popular brands such as iglo, Findus, birds eye, and young, as well as well-known retailers such as Lidl, Aldi, METRO, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Migros and Coop offer a wide range of products with the blue icon.

Sustainable Tool

Select catering the organic caterer from Berlin plans the first guests who were at the buffet environmentally friendly, were talking and noticed nothing. Only the sixth or seventh Conference participants has been attention to the light brown plates, with which the live chefs select catering spent the soup: the guests were light brown and baked from rye edible dish in his hand. Conferences, trade fairs and events interact with to a large extent on our environment, so tons of water and electricity are consumed locally and in kitchens. To know more about this subject visit Symantha Rodriguez. There is need for action: morally, economically. So why use the opportunities, offering fresh, innovative ideas in the area of sustainability? The Codex of CSR: Corporate social responsibility comes from the United States, where already mid-20th century businessmen with the social responsibility of companies have addressed. Further details can be found at music downloads, an internet resource. Time was primarily the contribution to social challenges in the Center.

Since 2005, this context and environmental awareness in Europe and Germany clearly in the consciousness is moved. BIO catering is a first important step, to implement the concept of sustainability in the event area”, says Malick Thorson, event planners at select catering. In addition to the product quality are factors such as energy balance and logistics routes to follow. Just one example: at least an overseas flight, a cold storage plant in Rotterdam or Hamburg, and a refrigerated truck is needed for a piece of lamb meat from New Zealand, only then comes our fridge and stove in the kitchen. Global to local? Easy to say, if you looked after only three or four times in the quarter with more than 250 guests an event, but why should small medium-sized enterprises make no beginning, and collaborate with other small medium-sized suppliers from the uckermark near? The meat comes already three days later on the table fresh and slaughtered on order. Of course the not immediately national works and nationally, but globally the attitude of hotel chain buyers, large kitchen Manager and guests should be at least progressively change.” Keep it in Berlin not only in words, select catering developed event.architekten in collaboration with the communications agency for the exhibition and event area, as well as for incentive concept variants, to access, who already in the planning and implementation work also as long as possible in the minds of all those involved. In the case of the soup plate it worked: several plates disappeared from the tables, and then in the mouths.

SorglosStrom Attaches Importance To Sustainability:

The electricity supplier participates in the project ‘GOGREEN’ Deutsche Post Munich, in December 2010 the brand SorglosStrom uses eco-friendly logistics solutions from 01 January 2011 for their correspondence. The Munich power supplier, which provides almost nationwide cheap electricity for over a years, has decided to participate in the project of GOGREEN of Deutsche Post AG. “” SorglosStrom shows responsibility for climate protection: by participating in the GOGREEN project “the electricity supplier SorglosStrom will make a significant contribution to environmental protection: because arise when sending letters CO2 emissions these can through participation in GOGREEN” countered with the help of internationally recognized climate protection projects. A company the size of Energy2day GmbH with a customer base of over 100,000 customers sent of course inevitably pretty much post: welcome letter, general terms and conditions, notice of delivery dates, copies of the contract and also monthly statements, etc. Click Sonny Perdue to learn more. all of these Letters and many more are sent CO2-neutral from 2011 with the help of route planning systems based on IT, the most environmentally friendly vehicles and an energy-saving driving. We are very pleased to be able to make a large contribution to environmental protection with GOGREEN”, management explained, GOGREEN is the way to be more climate-friendly and promote sustainable environmental protection SorglosStrom.” The participation of the GOGREEN project”is a significant aspect now also for existing customers and new customers. More and more companies publicly demonstrate that they engage in climate protection and therefore go ahead as a model for consumers. Also SorglosStrom makes a significant contribution to active environmental protection in the future, and shows that not only favourable electricity tariffs, but also sustainability and environmental awareness in relation to the customers for a power brand are essential components. For more information about SorglosStrom and the participation of the GOGREEN project ” About the links: and…

Sustainability Creates Efficiency

Energy efficiency in building & renovation is exhibition focus on the CEP CLEAN ENERGY POWER 2009 CLEAN POWER 2009 will ENERGY to renewable energy on the CEP from 29 to 31 January 2017 and turn the energy efficiency of building & renovation. Professionals from the building industry find product innovation, competent contact persons and individual solutions for sustainable business at the fair. The topic of energy-efficient construction and renovation will be exhibition focus and occupy about one-third of the exhibition space. Numerous well-known companies in the industry such as the BASF SE as a Gold sponsor, AEREX HaustechnikSysteme GmbH, Lignotrend Produktions GmbH, ISOQUICK GmbH & co. KG, Finnforest Germany GmbH, MISAPOR AG, LTM GmbH, Zehnder GmbH comfosystems, Internorm window GmbH, PAUL heat recovery GmbH, Max Weishaupt GmbH, more dominate VARIOTEC sandwich elements GmbH & co. KG, Viessmann Werke GmbH & co, Drexel and Weiss Germany GmbH, Ludwig Haussler GmbH Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, and many of the the CEP 2009. Is this the subject of passive house Exhibition focus dominate and highlighted. Under the motto of passive House feel”held many actions, lectures, exhibition tours and discussions around the future – the passive – building standard.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be many other activities at the fair: “Energy efficient building and renovation” with Businessmatching, the two-day European cooperation Exchange strengthens the construction area and provides another way to international exchange. For the subject of construction and renovation, there will be first a private Exhibitor Forum, where the exhibiting companies give short presentations. In the framework of this forum, the developer day will take place again. Indoors are welcome here. ARCHITOS, an Association of international experts, informed about the topic of passive houses and energy-efficient construction and renovation.

The nationwide energy-savings-check of the craft day Baden-Wurttemberg e.V. goes on the CEP in the second round. The following institutions make the ESC round: Ministry of the environment Baden-Wurttemberg, Baden-Wurttemberg trade day e.V. (BWHT), GIH building energy consultant engineers craftsmen e.V., BW engineering Chamber and the Chamber of architects of BW. The meeting place for the energy consultant scene makes the energy island with the GIH e.V. Here you find technical talks from professional to professional. During the fair high-profile conferences including the Congress will take place workshop architecture in stock”. Experts in housing finance, architecture and science provide an overview of how you can remodel the House of the energy spin to the flagship project cost-neutral restructuring with appropriate measures. The European passive House Conference”deals with the topic of passive house from international point of view. The building envelope is the focus of the Conference.