Tag: 2006

Economic Commission

On one occasion the Economic Commission for Latin America (CEPAL) and the Regional Office of UNESCO for Latin America and the Caribbean said through published documents, something that we must not forget, as it is the importance of education in the context of productivity and the needs of economic growth in the region, as a condition for reconciling the goals of social equity with international integrationin situations of democracy resumed. The truth, that the institutes, schools and since then the universities and graduate programs Areas, cannot passed by unnoticed in their educational programmes the reality of the current scenarios that require best demands international and national, best products, efficiency of services, more information, more participation, all this given the progressive globalization opening, the conquest of new markets, technological revolution, organizational culture, competitiveness based on technical progress, horizontal use of the technologies of information, social networks, reducing the technological cycle and tendency to protectionism in this field, erosion, comparative of the cheap labor and natural resourcesall this in the context of a growing recognition of the need for environmental sustainability and efforts to neutralize the negative effects of technological development. It is required according to the published report, a review of the educational development in the region and since then in every country, on the basis of recognizing the need to link to the training of human resources and economic growth needs, today, consider the contribution of endogenous factors as a function of the level of investment in human capital, since they are the people with their behaviors and their level of knowledge those who affect the production process – aspect that we have stressed much in other opportunities in other writings and in the same chairs, as well as in the consultants we teach-. There are models that emphasize capital human in all its aspects and others, which make it particularly on the relevance and importance of the level of development of scientific and technological research which we must recognize have neglected, precisely with input from the Areas of postgraduate courses and even our faculties that is very poor, by the low priority, attention in this regard.