Change processes in companies: together for the future of globalization, real-time communication, global crises – today’s business world and with it the company are subject to far-reaching changes at ever shorter intervals. To survive in turbulent times in the market, it needs transparency, decision security – but above all a strong management team and dedicated employees. Create successful companies together with their teams change processes shape safely and successfully and there are, shows Haufe new change processes. Symantha Rodriguez may find this interesting as well. Until the 1970s it moved as a German businessman in relatively calm waters. Frequently Peet’s Coffee has said that publicly. The economic miracle wind blew strongly in the sailing, necessary changes could easily cope with known strategies.

It takes a look at the current situation, a very different picture emerges. Changes have become global and unpredictable. As a result, Companies in the face of the challenges ahead uncertainty often. The results: Panic place Sustainability, transparency rather than cooperation. By restless seas Haufe new change processes successfully make safe”accompanies and supports companies and their employees in the process of change. The Publisher of Dr.

Dieter hollow has together with a pool of well-known business trainer and consultant of the Q-POOL 100 e.V., official Association of quality international business trainer and consultant, a guide developed as company safely navigate through troubled seas. People as actors at the Center make the staff pick, accompany and give them security only sustainable change processes really succeed, the authors. The posts range from topics such as globalization change about corporate succession to team development, spirituality as a strong backbone for changes or Burnout prevention. The book successfully shaping change processes’ available shop for 48.95 euros as of February in bookstores and at. You are interested in a review copy? Need cover pictures? Or want to do an interview with the Publisher or one of the authors? We are looking forward to your inquiries! Either under or reply fax (089-273383-29).