Supreme Commander

So much for the "classicality" of the game. Why do we say that the emphasis on tactics? Well, you look: in the Supreme Commander 2 ALL get experience. We mean really everything. That is, even buildings. For units, this means that they are stronger beat, have more life and armor, and buildings to a high level means that they will quickly build units (as well as most of these units will be cheaper).

That is, if you are at your disposal squad "pumped" fighters, then it is better than the same unit just built warriors. Tree Research. Oh, this paragraph may be given just hours, days and weeks. After all, this innovation has brought so many new games in the line of Supreme Commander. To be honest, the "tree of research," and then you get points is very similar to another game nebeyzvestnuyu Chris Taylor – Demigod.

You accumulate points by means of research stations, and then spend those points to improve their units, or to open a new technology or, for a lot more. More we take a Chapter Three. Well, about a huge battle to even talk awkwardly, because that is what has brought fame first Supreme Commander. Therefore, on this occasion, we just keep silent. So … almost everything that is written above just infuriated fans of the series. Most expected to see good old Supreme Commander in the new shell, that is, wanted to see the same Forged Alliance, but with new graphics and a couple of additions, but hey, why do we need the same Forged Alliance, but with new graphics and 'a couple of add-ons'? Why buy this game for 'a pair of add-ons' when you can just as easily play the old FA? Gas Powered Games decided to brave step – to create a true sequel, to create this new piece, not a copy of last game.