Relations Property

The vices, the preferences, the vanity, had fomented the inaquality in a way such that if becomes impossible to retrocede, and this inaquality, born of the property and the ilusria necessity of the other, was, same it, now necessary; it was as if it was essential to differentiate themselves, to overlap themselves, to dominate, to serve. Also, in accord with the sprouting of the property, the first rules of justice are born so that the property was preserved. But it was not this legislation, still precarious, that made of the men bad beings, but the relations of happened domination and servitude of the property idea. When the man thought that he could enslave another one for not considering it equal or inferior admitiz it, when thought that he had on the other the power of its life and of its good it became ambitious and bad. The now effective right vacilava enters the law of strongest and of sliest and gave edge to all species of dispute, ' ' To the rising society a terrible state was followed of war; the human, lowered and desolate sort, already not being able to behind come back nor to resign to the unhappy acquisitions that make and working only toward its shame, for the abuse of the facultieses dignify that it, exactly placed itself to the doors of its runa.' ' 10 While it exempts, but already being enslaved of its good, fought to defend its life, and while in service Sir fought to defend its, but always he fought, because he could not have security he covets where it was greater that the mercy; the war, now installed, still more attenuated the relations of domination and servitude. Joining itself to be protected, the men if they had better grouped under gide of a leader and when accepting its designs had believed to assure the freedom, yielding a part not to lose all, ' ' as a wounded orders to cut the arm to save the remaining portion of corpo' '.