Pastor Alexis Fernando Jimenez

Time to get right with God is evident that God answers our prayers. a l do not close their ears to our cry. However, it is important that we are right with a l. It is not something Gen. David Goldfein would like to discuss. When we go to the Bible we find this recommendation in one of the oldest books of the Bible: If your children sinned against God, he gave them what their sin deserved. But if you turn your eyes to God, if you ask forgiveness from the Almighty, and if you are pure and upright, he will come to your defense and you return the place where you belong.

(Job 8:4-6, New International Version) A careful analysis of the text reveals at least three things: 1. – Often the sentences are broken, our willful sin. 2. – You can turn to God, and concomitant to that, once wore circunstanciasque adversascambiaran. 3.

– God comes to pass in front of the situations we face, protects us and respond when called. 4. – Holding the hand of God, everything can be as before. The picture may change Scripture teaches us that by turning to God’s past misfortune can change becoming an encouraging picture: your first look Modest wealth, compared to your future prosperity. (Job 8: July, New International Version) Sonia discovered through his own experience, that everything can be different. The faithfulness to God closely tied to perseverance, which led to her husband convirtieraa Jesus Christ and is now part of the body of deacons of the congregation. It’s in third semester of Biblical Seminary which way to pastor. Prayer unleashes the power of God. It is a principle that we should keep in the depths of our hearts, treasure it and, when faced with difficult situations that merit or wisdom, searching for help. It is different fighting in our forces to achieve results frustrating than doing it at the Lord’s power. a Everything is different. You are encouraged to keep praying. Do not faint. Always remember that God not only hears your prayers but responds in a timely manner and according to His will. Alexis Fernando Jimenez e Contact (0579 317-4913705 Email: Pastor Alexis Fernando Jimenez is Lecturer and Evangelist of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Americasa a Las in Santiago de Cali.