A person cannot directly choose their circumstances, but if you can choose your thoughts and indirectly and with security – give way to their circumstances. James Allen generalities, basic background and opinions. Management and the Department of human resources of any company should not ever neglect which represents active maintain motivation inside workers, which should be very taken intoaccount and use appropriate incentives, which favour not only ensure an organizational behavior conducive to the achievement of its objectives, but that guarantees an organizational climate conducive to productivity and competitiveness of the company on the stage where acts. In the specific case of the Venezuelan business sector, we believe that this has been very careless and we have seen them, not only in our research on this topic related, determining that workers are both identified with its functions, performance, commitment and above all, with the leadership that guides them. Unfortunately, are many companies, especially manifested a discontent in this regard, listed several factors which are neglected, for example: ill-defined functions, performance, often requires more than what the charge should cover, lack of integration of computers, participatory, democratic leadership, motivation, charisma, many times, misunderstanding, poor treatment, absence of discipline, adding that the company’s objectives not well established, many of them emerged from the improvisation that is very common in our business environment, which leaves much to be said, all this by the lack of a leadership that is fully identified with the relevance and scope of the administrative systems required today, with new approaches that have emerged from the modern managerial actions. Add to this absence of the Department of human resources and the same management of performance recognition, your needs, training, development, little participation in the intakes of decisions that favor changes and help to meet the challenges arising from external variables, especially those coming from the State with his actions that lead to generate stress in relation to employment, unemployment and by supuestoa the low wages that will reward them their work, considering the high cost of living that has affected the quality of life of the worker.