Landscape Design

This article is intended for all those who want to make your beautiful hedge, a conservatory or garden design, as well as for those who just started gardening, mowing the lawn and installing irrigation systems. Color gamma in the design of your park, garden or yard – Chief of the very important aspects to which attention should be paid. Each shade creates a different effect. And with it permissible to control the visibility of space. Action Bright color on mood warm colors in the design gardening territory, such as, for example, orange, yellow and red (for example, Zinnias flowers) can cause elevated mood.

Warm colors often look closer and make the place a little. Application of soft cool tones such as lavender flowers, green and blue colors, such as hydrangea or lilac, will help to feel relaxed and very calm. These combinations allow you to increase space. If you are looking shades for your garden design ideas, consider this: * If the facade of the dark (dark wood or paint), then choose the right light and luscious colors and vice versa. * Liveliness of light (the sun Colors fade) * shades should be combined with other colors around * change a street type, depending on the season * shade prostroek that surround your territory.

Color schemes 1. color scheme Such a scheme is the most common and loved by all. It applies the principle of opposites. Red are thrown near the green, orange – blue or dark blue, yellow – with purple. Proverb says – the antithesis attracted, and it could not be successfully treated to the landscape with this color scheme. Such a scheme is more or less the blinding effect on the intensity of illumination. 2. Monochrome scheme landscape design with This scheme is very poor use of color. And the only color that is being manipulated – it's different combinations of green. This kind of scheme reaches the effect of rest or silence. Another such type of a color scheme, considered the addition of white. To achieve this result, put a white flower. 3. Functional color scheme in this case, similar colors are grouped together to make them look distinct from other colors. As example, might lead such an option: the landing of large groups of white and similar in color to white hydrangeas, pink and white lavender. This scheme is a good way to bring about harmony in your garden.