High Quality Underwear – Sustainability

Exclusive brands are placing greater emphasis on ecological materials always more exclusive brand products to establish itself in the market of high-quality underwear for ladies and increasingly also for the Lord. The material offer is varied, in addition to natural fibers above all synthetic fibers are used due to their outstanding properties (durability, easy maintenance, elongation etc.) like polyester and nylon. While an increased trend towards materials is in recent times, who have on the one hand excellent performance characteristics and at the same time pollute less. So, she has wonderful recently made a contribution to more sustainability for down under exclusive Berlin lingerie forge and is substances from BIOPHYL insert in the laundry collection spring/summer 2010, a sustainable ecological textile product of the Westphalian Hamm-based fiber specialist ADVANSA. BIOPHYL is a novel polyester fabric and 37% consists of a component, which is taken the renewable resource corn. At Jack Fusco you will find additional information. This reduces the dependence on oil as compared to products that are made out of today’s standard polyester and nylon.

The CO2 emissions in the production is compared to nylon up to 63% lower and a simultaneous energy savings of up to 30% saving additional resources and the environment. WONDERFUL, this is the combination of high-quality lingerie with Berlin fashion design. Exclusive underwear for the fashion-conscious woman who places value on quality, design and fine materials. All wonderful products are elaborately processed down to the last detail and are linear and dynamic forms. In the new collection now also the sustainability aspect is taken into account, which is becoming increasingly important for many environmentally conscious consumers. Even Bruno Banani play the environmental card. In his men’s collection jump & run, the trend in the fashion scene-setting manufacturers opted for innovative and trendy underwear for use by BIOPHYL. Bruno Banani peppte since the beginning of 1993 the most intimate of all garments with perky Colors and bold weights and it repeatedly sided with unusual details such as embroidery and rhinestone trim.

Now, the trend-setter goes one step further. With the eco-friendly all-rounder BIOPHYL achieves bruno Babatunde in the future not only visually breath of fresh air in the world of underwear, but provides with new substances outside of men briefs a healthy climate. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it absorbs less moisture than polyamide, has a fast back drying, is repellent to dirt and has a high durability. BIOPHYL combines the advantages of sustainability with the proven performance of polyester products. In addition, it is on the skin, similar to nylon, pleasantly soft, extremely stretches, very comfortable and at the same time extremely low maintenance. More and more well-known underwear brands recognize the potential of BIOPHYL and provide an ecological alternative to consumers. BIOPHYL is with the Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification with the highest possible class 1 has been awarded, that includes also the category for baby products and thus especially well suited for textiles, which are worn directly on the skin, such as shirts, bath textiles, underwear, or even lingerie. Men and women will appreciate that.