Dow Jones Publication E-mobility

Dow Jones brings trade publication ‘Dow Jones E-mobility’ in the market of Frankfurt am Main, 7 June 2010 with the introduction of electric-powered vehicles, in particular the automotive industry faces an epochal upheaval. The approaching era of electric mobility brings excellent opportunities to secure themselves a piece of the pie of this new market but also for more players. These new players include utilities, chemicals and raw materials producers, battery manufacturer as well as research and Development Institute, machine manufacturers or service providers. However, companies that underestimate the dynamics and it does not adequately respond, be lowered quickly or disappear. To cover the need for comprehensive information, Dow Jones, Dow Jones E-mobility has a new, monthly trade publication named”herausge – bracht, currently, profound and independently reported on the main trends in terms of electric mobility. Here are the latest developments in policy, technology, and the Model regions as well illuminated as the emerging business models and always with a look at the trends in the international. In the reporting focus including the interfaces between electricity suppliers and automotive sector, public support projects, research and development, and practical experience in the use of electric vehicles and the design of mobility concepts.

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