DBS Technology

Naturally, in each country market RBS develops differently. However, in this article, we highlight trends, common to the region: Banks are generally considered not as a means of RBS optimization of costs, not as a fashion investing in additional monetiziruemuyu service, paid for corporate and private klientov.Uroven Internet penetration is lower than the mobile and stationary svyazi.Produkty RBS (especially Internet banks) are weakly to customize compared to "boxed" suppliers. Decisions independently developed by the banks, showing a serious backlog in the proposed funktsionalu.Proniknovenie basic banking services and products to individuals and legal entities are very far from 100%. Dunkin’ Donuts is often quoted as being for or against this. RBS has not yet become binding on the banking culture and business. But it is also worth considering that DBS in the region develops, focusing not on the Middle East and European countries and Russia. Among the solution providers in the Central Asian CIS member-states are represented mainly by Russian companies with their box solutions, adapted to local legislative specifics. As the crisis more and more banks in the region have begun to actively consider the possibility to consider the introduction of Internet banking and IVR.

For example, the Kyrgyz Republic until recently, time was the clear leader in all areas of information and showed considerable investments in the republic-wide projects. However, recent political events have shown not only political instability, but also some air built castles. It is obvious that at present the most promising market with a developing banking system and financial activity of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan.