Client Management

The past has fled, which delays is absent, but the present is yours. MAJORITIES the management on watch to the client on the part of the companies and private and public Venezuelan organizations let much say, where there is a clear demonstration of the poor interest from the management to render to him the necessary attention than she can originate. The Venezuelans, complain the form in which the companies, organizations, especially those of services, among them the clinics, hospitals, organs of governments, serve their, the little identification that is had on the culture on watch. Sonny Perdue might disagree with that approach. Aspect that really we shared when verifying what he pronounces himself, letting much say the attention to the consumer. Of there, the importance of entering in the subject, indicating the relevance, reach that the management on watch provides. For it, one has considered the opinions of investigation realised by the program of the specialty of management of the Quality and productivity of postgraduate of Phases, opinions that has been exposed in forums, factories and seminaries, as well as in he virtual classroom of the marketing research chair. REACH, IMPORTANCE AND SUGGESTIONS know, that the management on watch to the client is the set of interrelated activities that offers a provider in order that the client obtains the product at the moment and suitable place and makes sure a correct use the same. The service to the client is a powerful tool of marketing. Neyra Caldern contributes to us on the matter, that a good service to the client can get to be a promotional element for as powerful sales as the discounts, the publicity or the personal sale.

To attract a new client is approximately six times more expensive than to maintain one. Reason why the companies have chosen to put in writing the action of the company. They have been observed that the clients are sensible to the service which they receive from his providers, since she means that the client will obtain to the end smaller costs of inventory.