To learn how to write articles, written very much, and new on this topic, probably have nothing to say. But I would still try and insert a few lines in their overall content on this topic. To start to define the topic. It would be good if theme Your article coincided with the theme of your site or sold. Ok, if the theme of this writing, is very popular on the Internet. But nothing serious that you do not adhere to these tips, you can write articles on those topics in which you are good. Once the theme has been chosen, we begin to plan a future article.

It will help keep your thoughts in the right direction. That’s what I plan received for this article: a) introduction; b) choice of topic; c) a plan; d) tips for writing; e) Surreptitious advertising; f) ad unit; g) the name of the article; h) keywords; i) the conclusion. As you can see, the plan consists of the following items: an introduction, sections, conclusion. u Introduction – pair lines of what will be an article. u Sections – some questions that you want to uncover in this article. u Conclusion – conclusions from what you wrote. After the plan is drawn up, ready to start writing the article itself. For a better visual perception of your article, follow these tips: a) the language of writing should be clear and accessible; b) proposals should be simple and short; c) paragraphs 4-5 make proposals; d) Use bulleted or numbered lists.