Adidas Rod Laver

If you decide to do footbag, then this article you will learn what a database and you need to know and practice to play footbag. To start playing, you need (equipment): Shoes One of the most important moments in footbag. Details can be found by clicking Cheniere Energy partners or emailing the administrator. What is it must be: – Smooth and wide toe – Toe – The inner surface, Inside, Must be free of irregularities and slope There are many mods for shoes to fit her for the game. More information about shoes and its modification in the other article. The main models are: Quantum of PlanetFootbag and Adidas Rod Laver ball for beginners, in principle, it is not important, you begin to play.

But still, the ball should be soft, stuffed somewhere in the 1 / 3 to get a better lay. Balls make better use of manual work. For beginners is also well suited 4 panel ball stuffed with sand. Clothing Even beginners are best to play in shorts. T-shirt should be in size, so the ball is not entangled in the folds and clung to her. So.

Assume that you have shoes and ball. That to do with the shoes – is understandable. The question arises: what to do with the ball? Oddly enough, to start to hone fatten footbag (kicks) various surfaces feet: (right-clicking – 'save as' to download a video demonstration trick) Toe Kick – the ball is hit your toe on Inside Kick – Beat the inner surface of the foot Outside Kick – Beat the outer surface of the Knee Kick – Hit the ball with his knee getting your coaching from novice control, response and coordination.