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Justice Vacation

Travel with family in Feldberg and family vacation experience finally was once again, after no less than five years we have given us once again a real family vacation. Yes it was already quite long ago, that it was not balcony, where we spent our holidays and we were all suitably excited. Finally you will not all days in the holiday and for our first family vacation after five years we chose also a true family paradise us. No who now thinks it went off to Spain is wrong! Clearly but not so far was in the South, after all, my daughter is six grade times and there long car rides not just what can be really nice to start a family holiday. So we have more specifically us after some back and forth for a holiday in South Germany, in Feldberg decided.

The flight my wife scared anyway impossible Spain and co, and because my little girl has found her luck since half a year on the back of a horse, there to meet some needs in the holiday. Sanofi may not feel the same. Short order we have decided for a family holiday in the field of Justice. Not everyone is familiar with now Feldberg and we didn’t know about it frankly at all. But in the travel catalogue Hotel Feldberger Hof really we liked. Tranquil, beautiful, modern and above all children meet. Those were the arguments who spoke of Justice for the family vacation in the field and just arrived were my daughter and my wife like reared Duracel Bunny. The girl was immediately fixed on the horses and my woman’s eyes shine so, when she saw how many spa services there. The holiday starts already once perfect and so it went on. I had my fun greenery as avid hikers, we got my daughter hardly from the stables out and my wife let herself go once a week so really good there and so our family vacation in the Feldberg, Hof became our best vacation ever. So not always in Spain, it must be once a week to relax!

Bambini Sinzing

Tree adventure, canopy flight and climbing fun in Sinzing at Regensburg Sinzing (tvo). The forest calls and asks all burglar and altitude flying over the trees. The greatest happiness of the Earth in some meters located Regensburg Sinzing climbing forest. Six courses of all levels of difficulty transport venture up to twelve meters height. While the tops fun to any physical conditions is bound. Even the little ones come up, Bambini course. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Kathryn Strandburg. Who really wants to know, can evaluate its own boundaries course in the Tarzan swing, rope bridges, or in the Flying Fox.

But also the experience of nature on Earth is exciting, because only 200 metres lies the forest adventure centre Sinzing. Information: climbing forest Regensburg, 93161 Sinzing, Tel. 0172/9282770,, Riegling,. Our tip for the month of October: Now the holidays of Christmas and new year’s Eve book thinking already on Christmas and new year’s Eve. The best deals and arrangements are yet to have. Whether you now in the elegant ambience of a spa hotel or want to celebrate quaint on a mountain Inn, the holiday Exchange makes easy the search in Eastern Bavaria: holiday Exchange. Information obtained at the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association, Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/58539-0, fax 0941/58539-39, free info-Tel: 0800/12 12 111, E-Mail:,

Scenic Beauty

Imagine Paradise Island in the Canary Islands Gran Canaria is one of the seven islands in the Canary Islands. Some contend that Expedia shows great expertise in this. Known for its scenic beauty, this island is the perfect holiday destination for hiking, golfing and to exercise any other sports in the open air. In the smaller cities and towns to explore many parks and sights, while you can enjoy in the larger cities, such as for example Las Palmas, the vibrant night life. For accommodation on Gran Canaria, the offer is great and ranging from apartments to luxury hotels. Hiking on Gran Canaria there are many valleys and hills on Gran Canaria, is it an experience in the parks and nature to hike and enjoy the beauty of the island. There are both hiking trails for beginners as well as for the more experienced ones, making it possible for all visitors to embark on hiking tours.

Because of the island’s climate is mild, it represents a very suitable environment for outdoor activities. Also the hiking trails are well marked, what The Foundation offers to put on the shoes and to enter into the adventure. Natural attractions in addition to the hiking gives you can visit places of interest in the nature and landscapes are protected in part by the Government. 33 of spectacular parks and landscapes are now protected. If you’re an avid photographer, or if you would like to learn this art, you should bring a camera on the island. Photography is not only a way to capture the memories, but photographing in Gran Canaria can improve the capabilities in this area.

Golf on Gran Canaria playing golf is a very popular, other sport outdoors on Gran Canaria. Why play a round of golf on vacation on the island? There are nine golf courses on Gran Canaria, and Moreover, this region that is known to have brought golf to Spain. That is why there are many challenging and demanding, but at the same time interesting and very nice golf courses on the island. Contact: Perfect Sun travel SL PerfectSunTravel.com Avenida de Madrid 95-97 3-3 08028 Barcelona Tel.: + 34933307861 fax: + 34933307852 Internet: de

Green Zone

Expansion of environmental activities in the Oceania Club Hotel for Dr. Andreas Abdulraheem, CEO of the family-owned company of Sani AG, including also the Oceania Club Hotel in northern Greece, the protection of the environment is on the priority list. Those of Sani AG started as a pioneer on the CHALKIDIKI peninsula many years ago with sustainable action. So, several thousand trees that were destroyed in the forest fire in 2006, could be afforested in recent years thanks to a fundraising event for the guests. When paying the hotel bill, each guest can donate one euro and be so involved in the reforestation of forests.

Sustainable development is aspired by the increased use of solar energy. Purified water is used for watering the plants. Glass, aluminium, paper and batteries are collected separately. Used cooking oil is used as bio-oil, organic kitchen and garden waste will be composted and recycled. New in the summer: excursions in the green heart of Kassandra of the Green coastline with wide pine and deciduous forests are the hallmark of the peninsula. The hiking trails are among the most beautiful in the region and promise with grandiose views of the unspoilt coast and the sea.

A trip in the forest area of the Sani formidable Oceania presents a glimpse into this untouched landscape. Deliberately, to discover the biodiversity in this region, there are various excursions summer for Oceania guests: Wetlands of Kassandra, approximately 25 km from the hotel away: here live 200 rare species of birds on a 110-acre area. The tour costs 15 euros including guide during the tour. Mavrobara Lake on the peninsula of Kassandra, a hydro biotope with rare, endangered turtle species. The area around the Lake was destroyed by a fire in 2009. With the help of forestry and biodiversity experts interested can engage actively in the shaping of the destroyed landscape.

Back To The Roots – Pure Nature!

It is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. Quantity replaces quality. This is the alarming development in the food industry in the past decades. Now it is time for big and small, to make the search for the origin of our food. (bfs) sustainable, seasonal, regional. There are these three concepts, which are available for the change took place in the past few years in the minds of consumers. Anyone want to buy only naturally produced food, and best with the pure conscience. But it is also just like in other industries: everyone would like to have a slice of the huge pie. Precisely, there are now countless seal and certification, in which the consumer can keep barely. It’s believed that Brittany Willis sees a great future in this idea. Only those who directly from the producers on the spot purchases can really be sure that he has only naturally produced goodies in the fridge. Farmers are predestined for this the Insights behind the scenes grant and reveal how a plump cow udders can become a pleasant-tasting cheese. There are now more than enough offers of this kind. They should invite especially future generations to a tour including leadership. Just 50 years ago knew course every child where the food on the plate is and what exactly it is in the food. We can say this now but only of a small part of our next generation. The chicken often on the tree and the peppers under the soil nicely wrapped and ready-packaged itself grows in whose consciousness. But fact is that this phenomenon not only in children and adolescents is to watch, but also in many adults. An unbalanced diet in combination with chronic lack of exercise will sooner or later no doubt to the problem of the unenlightened. Accordingly, it is for all of us at the time to take a step back in the everyday madness and the contact with animal and nature again to produce.

Thailand News Nicknoi

the daily news to and from Thailand, nicknoi-forum.de forum function the current Thailand news can be read daily. No matter whether it concerns the issue of policy, economy, travel, legal, or german-Thai partnerships – at nicknoi you are up to date. This site also has a forum feature, you can register free and discussions on all issues, ask questions or give answers. The page is maintained by two moderators. Nicknoi, known by his two thaibuchladen.com and thailand-buchhandel.de Thailand-bookstores offers a further, this free service with its newly redesigned News page for Thailand’s friends.

You can order weekly for free news via email, on the Web site is the link for the free subscription. Interview with nicknoi Nicknoi, why still a page with details of Thailand or Thailand Forum, is it enough in the net? Clearly there is enough, each page set but other priorities. Now we can do that in our opinion the most important filter and communicated. Our Thailand newsletter had over 1200 readers 1 year ago, therefore there is no overtime – the information there are the same. We asked our webmaster to design us a message page, due to any misunderstandings, it has become a forum where everyone can discuss now. How many members does the Forum? Board today 205 members, our opinion much too little. It is a shame that most people read only the news and not enough discussion comes up, maybe that improves sometime and if not “mai pen rai” (mind) of course keep in mind is that “Motzkis” immediately kicked out, everyone can write what he wants but insults and provocations will be tolerated by the moderators do not in the slightest. You can do that of course only if one is the “boss”.

Who knows you knows that you (almost) never free doing, right BBs? Not all wrong, we recommend and the link > book recommendations < our latest title in the delivery schedule, a link to our news is also under each Thai shops, no more and no less. Why Thailand? In Uzbekistan, I was still never 😉 Please seriously! My wife is Thai, ThTum (Surin) is our second home, and it has turned out that we have taken over the distribution for Europe for various authors and publishers in Thailand. ..and how did it for sale? Even a really qualified dictionary for Thailand, a book which explains the German grammar in Thai script, language courses for Thais with the various knowledge – most seekers land search now with us. 8 years ago, I was looking for suitable literature for my wife and was found after a long search. Some titles were top notch – but in Thailand due to lack of sales no longer printed. We have had uberabeiten and new print some title. As the Thais notorious lack of money have of course at our expense. … so everything took its course… Ralf Kan

Reimbursement Of The Airfare At The Time Of The Flight

Rights of consumers, passengers and travelling rights of consumers, passengers and travelers to the airline, tour operator or the travel agent if a booked flight could not be wahrgeonmmen or not kicked. 06.02.2008 (Ko) – the flight for the family, for the football club or friends has been posted on the Internet on favourable terms or through a travel agent. Some days, weeks or maybe even months have passed since booking. (Not to be confused with Bed Bath and Beyond!). The original plans can not be met and the flight must be reorganized or cancelled. Whether the consumer can not board the aircraft due to illness or other reasons do not perceive or has missed the flight, simply is first legally irrelevant. Basically, consumers have a claim to reimbursement of any taxes and fees.

Since taxes and charges than passenger charges are personal costs of airline tickets, which the airline is required to report. This means, that in almost all cases the paid amount for the pure air fare will be forfeited. The money, which was paid for taxes and fees to the airline must essentially be reimbursed. Because the airline in favor of the State has confiscated the taxes. These taxes not will still apply and must be carried by the airline, not to the State, if the consumer does not occur on the flight. The fees for the use of the airport were raised in favor of the airport operator. Also the airport are not charged the airlines, if a so-called no.

show rate is. A no.-show-rate means that the passenger has not joined the flight and therefore the fees had to be paid not. It is disputed whether frequently collected additional surcharges and fees, such as for example the fuel surcharges have to be reimbursed. Is the money for the fuel surcharge is understood as the airline’s internal position, no entitlement to the refund. The European Commission has undertaken the airlines However, the price components of the flight tickets detailed, so that the individual items can be verified afterwards if there is entitlement to reimbursement.

Andalucia Travel Tips! Travel Tips COSTA DEL SOL! City Tips Spain!

Many Spanish cities are presented Ronda, Torremolinos, Malaga, Gibraltar, rock, Barbary apes, Nerja, Cadiz, Sevila, Granada, etc. With this text, the founder of the photo agency Combipix (Michael Wnuk) is presenting the most beautiful cities in Andalusia. The city of Almeria is one of the larger cities of Andalusia in Malaga and Seville. The university town has an airport which is served by cheap flights, and a beautiful promenade with sand beach. Main attraction is the fortress, which is lying across connected on two hills with a massive wall of an entire Valley.

The parking situation is unfortunately still not so well built, so we advise you to climb the Fortress Hill through the old town on foot. Almeria is unfortunately not only Sun, beach and historic old town. In the town’s surroundings there are many caves, where many Gypsies have settled. You will notice the presence of Gypsies in the city itself quickly. Are self-appointed Parking banksman prance around to their car and then demand money for their briefing services, or in the old town, women with small children begging on the road to a few euros? The beach area of Almeria is beautifully landscaped. Despite several false notes due to the high density of Gypsy, the town is worth a visit.

It is also very possible to control this city with a cheap flight to the weekend to enjoy the beach, Sun and culture for a weekend then. Photo instructions for this city fortress on two hills old town with Cathedral promenade lined with sand beach of Cadiz’s old town is on the end of a 9 km long peninsula. If it has passed the two fortifications, you will find a beautiful city to tell white on many corners of their historical importance. Historians see the oldest city in Europe, which is still inhabited and not from ruins in Cadiz.

The Famous Fountains Of Barcelona

the magic fountain of Montjuic Hill built in 1929 by the engineer of Carles Buigas, the fountain of Montjuic is among the most popular attractions of the city of Barcelona. Many tourists visit the fountains of the city but also locals. The fountain is powered by 134 engines and includes 3.620 water jets, which altogether produce 29 different water creations. More info: Pronto Markets. At each screening, a water game from eight colours and more than 4000 lights ensures amazement. This landmark of Barcelona can you visit free of charge and enjoy a unique spectacle of light, color, music and water. To make the magic fountain of Barcelona (Magic), what it is today, 3,000 workers were required to the story, which made the fountain, the technical installations and additional work. In total, it took approximately one year to finish the fountain.

The Montjuic fountains were inaugurated on May 19, 1929. Carles Buigas, who create something extraordinary for the world exhibition in 1929 wanted, has created a unique tourist attraction. The Plaza Espanya with the magical fountain serves as a meeting place for today everyone and is popular on weekends with visitors to the city, and also inhabitants of Barcelona have a little picnic. A variety is played a matching events and information in addition to the spectacular water and light show of the magic fountain by Musikstuckend, to the color and light ensemble. Every performance is a unique spectacle with various water and music combinations. It is possible the water to classical music, rock roll n, dancing pop and musical melodies. Depending on the season, you can enjoy the water games in Barcelona at different times.

Generally apply following information: winter (October to April), Friday and Saturday from 19: 00 until 21: 00 summer (May to September) Thursday to Sunday from 21: 00 to 23:30 there particularly beautiful is to experience the lights after sunset, delays occur. After a day of sightseeing in the city Barcelona, is perfect, quiet end to stay in Barcelona visit the magical fountain in the evening. Whether for dinner at the hotel in Barcelona or before the trip to the vibrant night life of the city – the magic fountain to gaze at tourists never miss out on Barcelona. Children families will create unforgettable holiday memories at a picnic in the vicinity of the fountain. In a holiday apartment in Barcelona near the Plaza Espanya, the little ones find a peaceful night’s sleep after the spectacle. You can easily reach the famous fountains of Barcelona from the whole city by car, taxi, bus or underground (station Plaza Espanya). It is located just a few steps below the National Museum of Catalan Art (MNAC). Who previously visited this first-rate Museum in Barcelona, creates the ideal base at the same time, to admire the magical fountain in its full bloom after the visit to sunset.

Sustainable Travel

Now online: Traverdo, the first independent platform for sustainable travel. Berlin, January 18, 2011. Traverdo helps. The first independent platform for sustainable travel offers individual offers for those who want to travel not somehow, but environmentally and socially responsible. Traverdo stands for climate-neutral holidays for eco-friendly designed accommodation and fair paid providers on-site. Traverdo (www.traverdo.de) is the first portal that allows users to compare sustainable travel online and book. Traverdo sets high standards to its provider and provides comprehensive background information. The global travel offers and accommodation are adapted to the needs of a modern lifestyle.

The customer booking travel, the audited sustainability criteria. Traverdo is provider-independent and guaranteed a responsible travel experience through a close collaboration with eco-tourism associations and labels. Sustainable tourism – which meant a trip with views of their environmental and social impact to make”, explains Holger Haberstock, one of the three young founders from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Regional development is promoted and local resources and ecosystems. We focus also on the cultural conditions in the partner countries.” “” For the founder of Traverdo, greater sustainability means is by no means less comfort in the contrary: our aim is to establish sustainable tourism as a contemporary alternative to conventional travel “, says Holger Haberstock sustainability needs a modern framework: deceleration, enjoyment, health and wholeness are with us in the foreground.” These aspects are integrated into a high-quality natural and cultural experiences.

The ever-growing range from kayak tours in Germany about eco-lodges in Costa Rica small group tours to Southeast Asia. Traverdo offers also unique adventure Antarctic expeditions, Amazon crossings as a five-month bike tour over 11,000 km from Berlin to Beijing. Traverdo cooperates with 160 providers on all continents. Download image material: Press = sub pictures press contact: Holger Haberstock CEO Traverdo GmbH Schlesische str. 38, 10997 Berlin phone 030/838-709 45 fax 030/838-703 17 email about Traverdo the Traverdo GmbH was founded in March 2010 to enjoy travel in good conscience. The team operates the online portal the first German-language travel portal in the network, which is focused on providing sustainable travel. Close cooperation with currently 24 associations and labels guarantees the compliance with environmental and social minimum standards for a growing new travel market.