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And again, hello! The question today – what to bring to the photoshoot of clothing? That is not worth taking and what common mistakes usually allow people the choice of attire, complicating this workflow professional photographer. The dress should be enough fitting to show that you are a woman, and free enough to show that you are a lady. And we'll start a conversation with those clothes in which you arrive at the photo session (instead of which you yourself will be photographed). It should not be tight, wear something roomy and easy. Read additional details here: Jill Schlesinger. Forget the socks at home with a sharp as the blade, rubber band, remove the pre-close underwear, which will leave at You have a very ugly prints. They sometimes go a couple of hours from the skin, in spite of intensive massage. It is necessary to give the same from excessively tight shoes (ankle will not look very attractive), tight belt around the waist and the whole that can leave unpleasant marks on you. Rings, chains, sunglasses and everything clear in advance.

Do not be afraid to come to a photo session in an unusual everyday wear, the studio has allocated space for changing clothes. Main – as you look at photography, but not before it. Women have two major problems: there is nothing to wear and a small cupboard … Big mistake model in preparation for the photo shoot is her desire to bring a photo session everything that there in the locker room. A huge sports bag, which fits zaporozhets disassembled – it does not limit the number of things that the girls brought in a photo shoot, conducted by me.