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The Solution

Many men who beat his family come from striking families, which generates a string of violence that seems that it has no end, violence generates unhappiness and unhappiness individual uneasiness, is a vicious circle. Then what is required is social justice, so families have enough to live and develop in an environment of equity, respect, collaboration, solidarity in independence and justice, conscious knowledge-based democracy. Then it is necessary and urgent that teachers are prepared to impart an education that is required in these times, as on the basis of the observation of reality and of inquiry, programmatic knowledge and creativity can be oriented to the solution of the problems which exist in the environment, with a vision win all and find the peace and the sustainability of the planet. Currently the education, industry and society in general, form a learning community focused on violence, with much more force and generality that the search for peace; transformation can occur only when the individual conscious transformation occurs, and this will only be achieved when individuals have an integral education. To achieve an integral education, the philosophy of Buddha can be incorporated into teaching practice, as to form a complete being is necessary to a workout that consists of the cultivation of the mind, the development of wisdom and a genuine ethics enforcement; through this training human beings with a mind calm and serene, aware of the needs and problems of their environment, can develop human beings responsible for his conduct and assertive in any decision taken on the well-being of everyone. To achieve this triple training, it is necessary to start with a meditative practice to pacify the mind, because it is there where they generate conflicts that subsequently externan, through this practice lead to each individual to the autoconicimiento that helps you to become aware of their reality and their interconnection with everyone and everything.