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Catharsis Perennial

It was Monday in a Barcelona submitted by rain and autumn cold. A unique Stadium chanted their heroes, their fine stylists, their wicked Gladiators. Well advanced the second part oles them already they were a constant, the Camp Nou was algarabia and in the field, a team intoned a melody estruondosa. The world, in their homes, contemplated dream football, no colors, shields, or feelings that anudara them. They loved the ball and the team coqueteaba with the above State football. That was Barcelonesco.

Real Madrid beggar felt before such opulence, and exuberance dancing with unknown backlash about the greatness of his eternal enemy.Mourinho was trying to find answers, but every minute a severe barrage of questions reached him.The Madrid lived his nightmare, where dreamed, germinaria again the path to glory which at the moment does not tolerate appearance. It was the blessed glory, the umpteenth resurrection, which foiled the best Barca to remembering. Years ago, few, Barcelona was the cosmos, the team authority. And he burnished his star the Galactic period, meanwhile, Madrid, drank from quarry, character, claw, courage, until asphyxiated, hanged, she dwelt in recent years by a large economic debt that could not flip. Meanwhile, Cruyff, Maradona, Schuster, Lineker, Laudrup, Romario, Rivaldo, Ronaldo or Figo became stars with the elastic cule, with the exception of the injured Maradona and Johan Cruyff already consecrated, that having news that Ajax wanted to sell to Real Madrid, threw of rebellion and surrendered to the Barcelona, the Madrid post Di Stefano had spent decades looking at the fate of his greatnessfighting for titles with Madrid Yeye and the Quinta del Buitre, teams whose base and values lay at the quarry and in style, now lost, of Real Madrid who our elders knew. After they were presented at Merengopolis signings top would say Jose Mouriho, players who excelled in the National Championship.