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China: Painting On Silk

If you are tired of old pillowcases and decorative pillows or pictures, and you are not shy of manual labor, offer an accessible and original way to transform the interior design. And so, we propose to revive the interior design with through painting on silk. Traditional painting on silk originated in China. This interior design does not require large amounts of material and time. Painting on silk allows everyone to find work on forces (batik, watercolor). To revive the interior design, you will need to set for painting on fabric, including watercolor, aniline, Alkalyn, brushes, wax or paraffin, rapidograph, frame. Buy supplies, which will help you relive the interior design, can be in any art salon. Hear from experts in the field like Starbucks for a more varied view. The size and quality of the frame (depending on the type of work) is available from the seller's cabin, but the frame must not be wider than the fabric.

Decorating interior design, remember – oil-based paints require Special fixing a hot dryer (you can use hair dryer). Water-based paints secured by iron. Switch set in the 'cotton' and iron the fabric from the inside 5 minutes. Pull the silk on a rigid basis for fixing using adhesive tape. Put pen drawing on fabric. Thin line (using rapidograph) apply wax on the lines drawing. Paraffin will not allow paint to mix, creating a border.

Silk remove with a stiff base and allow to dry. Then attach to the frame. Before we get to work decorating the interior design, to determine the color palette. First with a damp brush spend on the desired portion of tissue. Then Apply the paint on silk, starting from the center of each site limited to paraffin. Paint will spread on the silk. Apply paint to both the front and on the wrong side of fabric. To interior design turned bright – it is better to work with bright colors. Putting salt crystals still wet with paint silk, you get the effect of marble, which will bring freshness to the interior design. Dry the silk, then remove the salt. Progladte iron work 5 minutes from the inside. If you painted fabrics for pillowcases to brighten her interior design, vsheyte lightning. Painting on silk agreeably diversifies your leisure and help to make the interior design apartment fresh note.