Zheng Qi

Pectoral Qi (Qi Zong): El pectoral Qi is formed by the combination of clean Qi (Qing Qi) which is inhaled into the lungs, and the essential food and beverages Qi transformed by the spleen and stomach.The pectoral Qi is stored in the chest.Its main functions are: 1) to promote the function of the lung of breath control, so the strength or weakness of breathing and speech functions are related to the quality of the pectoral Qi and 2) to promote the function of the heart of mastering the blood and vessels, so that the circulation of Qi and bloodas well as the coldness, warmth, and motor ability of the four limbs and the trunk of the body they are closely associated with the pectoral Qi. Nutritive Qi (Qi Ying): the nutritive Qi flows through the blood vessels and is derived from the essence of food and drinks processed by the spleen and stomach. Its main function is twofold, on the one hand produces blood, and on other circulating next to it to provide additional nutrition. Since the nutritive Qi is very closely related to the blood, the Sangre-Ying term is used to refer to the joint functions of both. Qi defensive (Wei Qi): the Qi defensive is also derived from the essential food Qi, but unlike the nourishing Qi, this circulates outside of blood vessels. Defensive Qi functions to protect the muscle surface, defend the body against exogenous pathogenic factors, control the opening and closing of pores, moisten skin and hair, readjust body temperature, and heat the Zang-Fu organs.Defending the Agency against exogenous pathogenic factors is its main function, hence the name of defensive Qi. Learn more about this with Mardi Gras. As mentioned earlier, the Zang-Fu organs and meridians have their own Qi.Since it originates from the primary Qi, breastplate, nutritious, and defensive, Qi in the meridians is a combination of the Qi essential food, clean Qi inhaled into the lungs, and the essential Qi stored in the kidney.The Qi in the meridians, is therefore also known as Zheng Qi (vital Qi) that flows through the meridians.As the basis for the functions of the meridians, Qi in the meridians It exerts a great influence on the functions of Qi, blood and the Zang-Fu organs of the whole body.