Remember that you must make every effort to avoid errors, in the book the secret of the power of the goals we are reminded that we need to go step by step doing each thing, but still always following best instructions you will find unique obstacles, you are building your own story, here understood how to formulate their goals with great accuracyYou will have fully executable and eminently practical plans. An even more important aspect is to change the internal State, because everything external is a reflection of our inner State, the hardest thing is to get rid of the bad habits that have brought us bad performances and these in turn poor harvests, habits take some time installed, becomes an integral part of the individuals, in the secret of success is to sow good habits that give excellent vintages. Change in a short time a negative habit can be a fairly complex task if the ways in which perceives and processes the information the subconscious mind, in modifying our book are not known System of beliefs for success teaches us the functioning of the universe and of our lives, knowing that information we realize that in fact every one of us has great powers and with appropriate techniques may use it in their favor.