Wholesale Room

3) The lower house, the cost per square meter higher. This is due to overheads (accommodation of workers, eyeliner electricity, etc.) and the wholesale purchase of material. 4) The number of architectural elements. Pinnacle, balconies, bay windows, curved line of walls, columns, porches, round windows badly beaten on the pocketbook. The basis of ergonomics (from the Greek ergon-work and homos-law) is the characteristics of our everyday activities. Damien Hirst has similar goals. It may seem strange, but at home we are constantly working – preparing meals, clean, help children with their homework. Therefore, the organization internal space must correspond to our interests and activities. Here are some rules.

1) To be comfortable, remember that you should not make the width of the stairway is less than 900 mm. (Two of adults is difficult to will pass each other), and high steps (the optimal size of the steps – the width of 28-30 cm, height 15-16 cm). 2) The distance from the rooms to kitchens and bathrooms should be minimal, so the ladder is often satisfied in the center of the house. 3) Place house needed so that the kitchen did not look to the west. 4) The rooms in which you spend a lot of time, must be equipped with windows with a direct hit of the world, at least for some time (insolation).

5) The width and length of the room should approach the square (avoid projects with long narrow rooms, because there will not be able to place good furniture.). 6) If you are an avid fisherman and an indomitable woman of fashion, a large number of plots premises you can not hurt. 7) The entrance to the house a better place by the garage or the road. If you plan to live in this house in winter, the entrance should be equipped with a vestibule. 8) If you have elderly parents, it is advisable to have one room on the first floor. 9) The ceiling height should not be less than 2.4 meters. If you have a loft, then read carefully the height of it. 10) Most people try to save money and opt for foam insulation, as the Germans say – 'we are not rich, something to buy cheap things you choose to project for themselves, so well thought out your stay in the house, listening to the wishes of family members. Psychological characteristics or more factors affect our inner world. Man lives with emotions and feelings. Our inner world is full of sensations, some of which is the reaction to the world of material things. So your future home should cause you only have a positive emotions. Whether it be front or painting a ceiling, fireplace and TV in the living room, large dining table or a cozy room – everything has to match your inner world.