Western States

Before such an emergency, the national Government responsibly has seen the necessity of establishing urgent rationing policies, which have immediately been questioned and universality by opposition sectors, manipulated by the large private, national and international press. The opposition lends hand to everything that can be demonstrated, according to them, inefficiency in services provided to the communities. They are sometimes extremely stupid to not remember that Venezuela has changed, and that this people not fooled you by those who until ten years ago not were concerned for his welfare. People and revolutionary Government, will face all these eventualities to be they are presented by the grace of nature, through sound policies that allow conserve resources that we have to overcome this serious crisis caused by the el Nino phenomenon. Only in revolution might face these challenges and go out winners. Them, are filled with horror the imminent crisis of water and electricity, so superior to other Venezuelans and Venezuelan, who can’t imagine bathing with gourds or potecitos to be created. They are, according to themselves, a class above all Venezuelans and Venezuelan.

Perhaps, as bestial ante and irrational demand for Chavez, was moved to a hotel of Miami, until they pass these times of drought and hardship. They will be by the lands of the tabarato, practicing your favorite sport, speak ill of this Government so depraved that it is capable of attempting to bring prisoners to a few corrupt politicians exiled in Peru, and with the rank of Heroes for the opposition. The issue of Colombian spies, is not nor has been relevant for them. Everything is valid if it contributes to the overthrow of Chavez. Until it can be valid, give Western States that govern some mediocre Governors with pretensions of paramilitaries to Colombia and the paramilitaries.