Western Finnish Nokia

Toughest test series under Arctic conditions in our test center in Ivalo in Lapland complemented the comprehensive research. In addition to the winter-specific tests, we tested our eco tires on many test trains in Germany and Central Europe. The mud properties of premium winter tires have been optimized with our unique slush-aquaplaning test method on the test track in the Western Finnish Nokia”, so Pirhonen. Hardest ice, snow and wet grip thanks to cryogenic canola oil blend (cryogenic canola compound) the low temperatures canola oil tread compound (cryogenic canola compound) the tyre novelties never is unprecedented combination of rapeseed oil, natural rubber and silica, which optimised the grip of winter, the wet grip and wear resistance in changing, especially with low temperatures. Cryo silane improves the functionality of the new Vollsilicamischung.

Use of rapeseed oil were tensile strength as well as the Ice and snow grip of the tire are optimized. Thanks to the large Silicagehalts of the mixture, the Green Nokian WR tires have a very low rolling resistance. In addition, they reduce fuel consumption and cause less harmful emissions than the competing products. The Green Nokian WR winter tyres at the same time is a prime example of the principle of the sustainable safety of Nokian tyres: the properties of the tyre of the car remain almost unchanged, even though he is older, he achieved a high mileage. Nokian WR D3: slush casting combat slush aquaplaning and wetness aquaplaning slush is even more dangerous than ice for motorists or researches prove aquaplaning,. The risk for a fatal accident is five times higher compared to the dry road slush. The direction bound Nokian WR D3 protects against slush aquaplaning with a mud Sling (slush blower). Our latest innovation, the mud thrower flings mud and water in the truest sense of the word from the Grooves of the tire out.