Weekend With A Metal Detector

The idea to go look for treasure arose as soon as there is good weather. ures to achieve this success. Get all the facts and insights with Expedia, another great source of information. The first thing I got out of bed a metal detector and checked his ability. Metal behaved cheerfully and I did not even bother to change it batteries. Thursday to find time to work, I carefully studied the southbound suburbs for suspicious items. By checking the names of references, I stopped at the village Gigirevo. I was interested in that earlier settlement called Gireev, or something like that. This led me to think about the roots of the Tatar settlements, well, then it has developed a fantasy until the Mongol invasion, the collection of tribute, and so on. In general, I decided it was worth in moved his metal detector around, and that thread kinda yes syschetsya. On Friday, my partner opened the Google's map of the area and graph paper. They figured about the place we find them, and noted colored markers.