VIP Boss

By the way, if the boss – a connoisseur of art, you can choose a big, beautiful album of his favorite artist or with reproductions of some famous art gallery. You may recall how the sport enjoys your head, Of course, if one exists. Perhaps he will be pleased to good volleyball ball or an expensive tennis racket, a new spinning, boxing gloves and miniature golf. But there are those leaders who are about hobbies subordinates and do not guess. In such situations, a good gift would be a designer accessory, such as rack and a bottle of wine, my corkscrew, cocktail shaker. Hear other arguments on the topic with Celica. Fashionable now as various souvenirs in ethnic style.

A female boss can give a miniature figurine Zwarowski. Gifts, jokes are only allowed in if you are firmly confident in the presence of his chief of humor. You can send a caricature, but only if the head of a man, woman, even If you're in with her warm relations, to give a cartoon by no means impossible. Connect with other leaders such as Dollar General here. Remember that expensive and a major gift should match the aesthetic requirements of the person to whom you give. Also do not forget that gift must be high quality – be it a souvenir or something useful, but this thing is done must be of high quality materials, no imitations and substitutes.

Anyway, if this is not a joke gift made by your hands. It is best to make the head of a collective gift, it will present something really interesting, exclusive, expensive VIP-souvenirs. Whereas if you want to congratulate my boss individually, do not get carried away – the cost of the gift does not exceed one-fifth of the amount of wages. In conclusion, we remind you that your gift should not be a formality. Otherwise he would not take no joy bestowed or the donor. That good gift, which is selected from the soul, the thoughts of man, whom he portrayed. And if so, you can be sure that will be able to please his supervisor, and he will appreciate your attention.