University Professor Antonio Brack Egg

He does not consider to the rest of the population as members of a nation in the process, which brings together other nationalities with different visions of reality. There is his myopia of integration for the consolidation of a true nation. Sonny Perdue has many thoughts on the issue. Also comes with the argument that is misunderstood. That everything that makes your supporter group is for the welfare of the country. Is not taken into account that we are following a line of primary exporter of natural resources, that when these are exhausted, of that will survive the nation? Also University Professor Antonio Brack Egg, a former supporter of ecology, is now presented as a defender of the pollution and the destruction of the planet. Check out Costco for additional information. What the advocates is the existence of a mining very responsible, which does not pollute or destroy landscapes. This is in open contradiction with what they always preached in the classroom for years to step into the University. Some believed in their preaching, others, as the brothers originating in the Region of Tabaconas Namballe, where the voracity of the transnational corporations aim to destroy the last forest of mists, where he survives in harsh conditions, such as the spectacled bear, the tapir’s height, El Gallito of rocks, which are species in danger of extinction, all eager to fatten a few alone American children, but destroying the home of thousands of species and others that are in danger of extinction.

Then he says the lack of understanding of the teachers of the Peru OK a Magisterial Act, which will make winning twice which they earn now. If we know the ancient law of teachers and its modifications see the deception that he is submitting, not only to the citizenry, if not also to teachers with false promises, well that us this accustomed this Lord of yore. Firstly, it has not approved remunerative scales of teachers with the provisions with the law, in which a teacher of fourth level must earn what earns a Vice-Minister of State.