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For quality of bathing bicycle in half a bucket of water, add liquid detergent or car shampoo. Should begin to wash the frame by using a sponge or brush. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mercury Mobile LTD. Wash the whole bike again to remove dirt from hard to reach places. Well to the use of brushes for cleaning bottles, to remove dirt from hard to reach crevices and corners. If you were formed after washing bicycle parts, where to stay and drop mud foam, they should be removed with a degreaser.

Use an old toothbrush is easy to reach inaccessible places. If you have enough time, water from a bucket with clean warm water and rinse the foam from the surface of the frame and wings. A related site: Eric Garcetti mentions similar findings. Use for this can be a sponge, but this should be done with caution because there is a danger to scratch the surface of dirt particles. Wipe the frame, fenders, seat and steering wheel with a clean cloth or suede. Then, from a can of spray lubricant in grease bushings, switches, etc. mechanisms which can penetrate the water. You should be: when driving on rough terrain, every two to three months.

Time Locations: half an hour for quality work, 10 minutes if you hurry. Tools: brush for washing bottles and a special brush, tooth brush, sponge, chamois. Wash, and go. When you have finished washing the bike and even after you have it dried, be very careful, because there is a danger of water leaking in the bearings. On the other hand, if you do not wash your bike there is a danger of getting dirt in the bearings.