Thomas Mecke

For an initial overview, you can get on the Internet create quotes for private health insurance free of charge. You’ll see that the price differences between the individual providers in part are quite substantial, although almost similar services were queried. This however should note that it is extremely difficult to put together an individually tailored package itself due to the many providers and tariffs. Due to the complexity of the subject, a competent (and free) advice should be used then in any case an independent insurance agent. Performance car services the PKV are not lump-sum set in contrast to the statutory health insurance. Depending on the fare and society, the services can differ greatly. Continue to it is possible to reduce the premium by higher equity investments.

This is always a consideration in each case. Because the performance of the car are not laid (such as in the statutory health insurance), here further services (treatments, can Medicines) taken over to be in the statutory health insurance. Differences between the car and the statutory health insurance, it is not possible to give a complete and comprehensive catalog of the differences between the types of insurance listed again here. Educate yourself with thoughts from hybrid bikes. However, some key points are represented: a reduction of the contribution is possible E.g. through increased equity holdings in the car. Singles and well deserving often significantly lower contributions than in the public services which are not covered in the statutory health insurance at an early entry in the PKV, members of the car are often in the PKV (depending on tariff and contract) pay no fee PKV members can tell your doctor choose the services of the statutory health insurance are regulated by the SGB V, a private agreement governs the performance of the car family without their own income are in the statutory health insurance health. In the car, an extra contribution would be due.

Return to the statutory health insurance is a return of the PKV in the statutory health insurance only under certain conditions possible. This income must be less than regularly the year work remuneration limit and the insured should not be older than 55 years. People who were freed from compulsory insurance or are self-employed, can not switch back of the PKV in the statutory health insurance. This is only possible if the person concerned is jobless reports. Conclusion the private health insurance in comparison to the legal is beneficial not always for everyone. However, considerable financial advantages may arise for certain categories of persons. Before you hastily makes a change in the car, you should inform yourself thoroughly and consult a professional/expert. For many a change in the car might be worth quite financially. This is always dependent on the individual conditions.