The Unusual

Author stone, star, panel (a composition of several stones) – a unique opportunity to immortalize the name of a loved one. Enter it their wedding date. Let this be testimony to their strong love and inviolability of family ties. Of course, this needs an individual approach to you to analyze the potential reaction of congratulations. Now let's move on to the romance of a more practical ideas. Nowadays, the use of Natural stone by country stations acquired considerable popularity. Properly laid out grounds and paths of stone decorate the area and make travel more comfortable for him. Each of us is all the paths of these curves, which riddled with every "six" acres, and as uncomfortable for him to pass.

Oblagorodte plot of "young". Another extravagant and romantic idea, which is suitable for apartments as well as for private house – for his book "expensive old" fire … Yeah, yeah, decorative fireplace or stone, durable and aesthetically pleasing fireplace. Maybe it will be completely, say, a marble fireplace, or maybe you just do out of Stone cladding – it all depends on your means and desire. Most people dream of in their old age to sit in front of a fireplace in a rocking chair with a newspaper or knitting needles and a ball in his hands, in the afternoon, resting from the daily bustle. Maybe it will be a real fireplace with crackling log fire and smoke in his pipe, or just an imitation, but in any case such a gift would bring to their home comfort and peace of mind. It would symbolize that the hearth, which his wife kept so long, and will protect More than a dozen years. Well, the most unusual interior idea – give spouses furniture made of stone.

Surprised? Indeed, the unusual, but the same table or countertop of natural stone – elegant, often delicate – this will be decorate the kitchen, dining room or terrace. These products are fine work can be performed both on ready projects, and sketches of proposed by you. By the way, the tables of stone, look great in rooms with fireplaces, decorated with decorative elements in natural stone. I think that spouses and, for sure, had seen a lot of its time, this surprised your finding and assess its on merit. Then fantasize themselves in that direction. Only remember that the day of the wedding Stone accepted to give something that symbolizes strength and inviolability of the love of spouses who were able to carry through his love for decades.