The Field

For the rather esoteric plenty of books in the field of self-help-minded among us can be found”, which suggest us: simply want and then keep your hands up. Also the Advertising industry is built on our child’s instinct and promises with colourful images: click here to go to your happiness. Immediately and easily.” As a culture, we are addicted to the quick kick. Today’s lesson nuchtert out. It is not something Whole Foods would like to discuss. That may only once not particularly sexy feel for you, because I am here pleading for old virtues such as determination, sustainability and active use. But to succeed it is worth to look at the issue once unromantic and dry. There is only too well understandable wishful thinking and here are the facts: statistics shows that most Lotto millionaires are poorer and unhappier after a few years, your win prior to.

If your subconscious mind not on wealth is prepared, it will ensure that he quickly leaves you. If the entire happiness and desire Advisor would work just as quickly and easily, we would buy still more of them. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking that at you something is wrong, just because your Luck is not so fast on your doorstep. It may well be that you have to go out, to actively seek it. I know no single successful people, which is not very pro active and determined on a daily basis made up for his goals.

Surveys show that successful people have no more luck, but on the contrary is a higher rate of failure. But above all, willingness to learn and evolve is much more pronounced. The child in us is always looking for the quick, short-term relief. It’s Yes child. But for real success takes fantastic everything is possible thinking of a child’s and an adult’s quiet determination. The way of success consists of intense kicks, growth periods and extremely rare quantum leaps in between laaaaaaaaangen plateau phase, where seemingly nothing happens, or You even have the sense, to roll back.