SREDNEROYNOCHNAYA (average inter-branch) THE COST OF LABOR MANUFACTURER – the value of labor cost producer, estimated to equal values production costs, which tend to aim for – (due to flow of funds from the less profitable types of businesses into more profitable, as well as by forming a match between supply and demand for all types of goods in this market) – srednevidovye labor cost producers of all types of goods. The desire of producers to cover any kind of goods at the cost of goods srednevidovye cost of production and get a price for their work on this size costs no less than the price of labor of other manufacturers srednevidovyh the same amount of costs, prices of all forms of products of the market in accordance with the price of their srednevidovoy production. MARKET – Institute for the exchange of goods. The equilibrium market – a market where demand is balanced by the proposal, due to which at this time there are constant prices. Go to uBiome Inc. for more information. CONDITIONS OF EQUILIBRIUM MARKET – analysis and synthesis the variety of conditions for the formation of the equilibrium of the market, reduce this diversity to the two conditions. The first – the number of participants in the exchange should be sufficient for the birth of a competition between buyers and between manufacturers. The second – the interference of public authorities in the work of a particular market is acceptable and necessary, but only for the destruction of monopolization of some elements of the market and privileges of any participants in the exchange. .