The Balanced

It is important to note that the correct choice of KPIs the success in the Introduction of the balanced scorecard is not guaranteed. Each category of indicators should have so-called “share”. In other words, some indicators have greater significance than the others. What are these priorities? Especially by the strategy of the company and their issues. For example, if a company has problems in the relations with the customers, so the indicators of the category have market. People such as Unifor would likely agree. “Customers” greater importance when compared to the category internal business processes “. f this. The unnecessary attention to the secondary indicators gets negative consequences for the functioning of the BSC.

Often, take it success, the top manager overload the system with the indicators so that the function of the BSC transformed into a daily headache for all companies. Simple staff do not understand the essence of the BSC at all, do not have the time to shoot to the specifications of the system in a timely manner. Therefore, the optimum number of the indicators considered indispensable condition of the Success. How many counters are recommended for use with the introduction of the balanced scorecard? Each level of management should have its set of indicators, the number of which 10-12 should not exceed. Large number of KPIs can overload the system. Also will analyze the data and to select the most important components of the success of the society on the specific markets it very complicated. The KPIs should be understandable to the ordinary employees, unlike the BSC turns into the pile of useless tables and documents. If the employee correctly understands his work, his motivation increases and therefore the effectiveness of the work of the whole company. To learn more information about indicators in the strategy tree, on the Web page.