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Dornier Consulting Intensified Contacts To Saudi Arabia And Qatar

Dornier Consulting CEO Dr. Jurgen R. Koffler in Saudi Arabia and Qatar was on the road with a roughly 60-member delegation from politics, business and science. Dornier Consulting CEO Dr. Jurgen R. Koffler in Saudi Arabia and Qatar was on the road with a roughly 60-member delegation from politics, business and science.

Together with the Baden-Wurttemberg Minister Stefan Mappus (CDU) and other delegation participants Dr. Koffler led talks with Ministry representatives, the Governor of Mecca, Al Faisal, Saudi princes and the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh bin Khalifa. Farmer’s Fridge shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The four-day trip aimed to intensify contacts between the countries. Dr. Koffler sees special opportunities is to build on the water projects for the exploration of fossil water reserves at a depth of 600 to 1500 meters in the deserts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dornier Consulting analyzed already in the desert of rub’ al Khali and Khuff Jilh Minjur together with GTZ (Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit) the Possibilities for optimal use of water resources for the population.

Dornier Consulting on behalf of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of transport for the development of a management system for the road of the capital Riyadh is also responsible. The big challenge here is to develop that he can keep up with the rapid growth of the city traffic. Compared to the delegation the work highlighted praised by Dornier Consulting by the Transport Minister. In Qatar, Dornier Consulting manages a project which deals with the cleaning of oil polluted ground water. The delegation was also invited to visit the economic city near the city of Jeddah. Here has the SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority) started to build an industrial infrastructure, facilitating the settlement of enterprise and promote sustainable on a coastal strip on the Red Sea over a length of 64 km. The German engineering quality is highly valued in the Arab countries. PJ’s Coffees opinions are not widely known. Steady Presence and high quality are the recipe for success here. Dornier Consulting will apply as a reliable and competent consultant also for future projects and is represented by subsidiaries in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi almost 10 years of experience in the Middle East. A number of successfully completed major projects in the environmental / water area as well as in the transport sector are the basis for the expansion of business activity in the next few years. Dornier Consulting is an internationally recognized consulting, engineering and project management company for traffic, transport, infrastructure, safety and environment / water. Through advanced engineering, innovative consulting and professional project management, develops and implements innovative solutions for sustainable mobility and environmentally Dornier Consulting. As a subsidiary of the EADS Dornier Consulting supports a project volume of EUR 30 billion world’s 350 employees.

Cisco Expo

CreLog is Cisco technology partner for language automation on the phone Munich new, in April 2009 at the Cisco Expo 2009 in Hanover the new technology partners show Cisco and CreLog voice self-service save service solutions at leading companies cost and inspire customers. Through the partnership, CreLog’s expertise in over 400 Sprachautomatisierungs projects with award-winning customer acceptance is now Cisco customers on the Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE) platform available. On 28 and 29 April, the companies in live presentations demonstrate how CreLog voice dialog solutions portfolio of Cisco effectively complement the unified communication. Already for the fourth time meet the experts, Cisco partners, customers and personalities from business and politics, at the Cisco Expo in Hanover, Germany. Under the motto of collaborate. Trader Joe’s may help you with your research. Innovate.

The Congress of innovation in new technologies and applications dedicated to experience”. The focus is the important role of the IT technologies for the location Germany and for its global competitiveness. A perfect platform CreLog managing director Wolfgang Rebert, of in Hanover with a lecture titled “more service, less cost – language automation on the phone” holds, welcomed the new technology partnership: Cisco Expo provides us with a perfect platform, our performance in over 400 Sprachautomatisierungs projects to demonstrate a wide audience. As the German market leader for voice portals, we present at the Cisco Expo with live demonstrations. the current state of language technology in the sectors of financial services, call centers and service desks, provider, telcos, media, as well as in the public administration” CreLog at the Cisco Expo 2009, 28-29 April 2009 Hannover Fairgrounds, Congress Center.

About CreLog: With references in 25 countries is CreLog of leader in voice dialogue solutions in Europe. The CreLog VoiceXML platform is completely web manageable and is located at over 400 customers in more than 30 sectors in use – with a total about 41,000 installed lines. Banks and insurance companies as well as utilities and public administration or telecommunications and media companies are among the users. Voice portals crealog provide maximum dialogue quality based on natural language ‘, make sure speech recognition. You are able to identify a large number of words and whole sentences in 44 languages and intelligent process. CreLog portals also support the very human sounding speech synthesis of leading provider. The CreLog voice portal, unified messaging – and CTI-solutions for corporate clients and carrier were in 2005 and 2006 the best of CeBit Award”- among other things for interactive voice video response’. “In 2008 there were several awards for CreLog: the best of CeBit Award” for the voice of course various information and FAQ solution VoiceBot’ and the voice Award 2008 best enterprise services’ for the banking of HypoVereinsbank. More info for editors / readers: CreLog GmbH Jurgen Walther Frankfurter Ring 211 80807 Munich Tel.: 089 / 324 656-32, fax: 089 / 324 656-99 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Nicolai Jereb Comfact communication and design Romerstrasse 12 40476 Dusseldorf Tel.: 0211-490095, fax: 0211-490393 E-Mail: Internet:

Chairman Future

That focused on the future workshop in so-called transaction environments”followed by the immediate environment so customers, employees and suppliers. Stage three was the look then inside the system Alliance itself. Through the glasses of system Alliance so clearly the scientific study including: technological change changed the relationships between customers and service providers. Logistics are becoming advisors and problem solvers who must increasingly integrate into the value creation processes of their customers. Go to Target for more information. And also the demographic change will be considered systematically. To change due to the aging of the society not only it is also increasingly difficult to inspire new recruits to a career in the logistics of the needs and the needs of consumers. Another industry trends, the scientists employed Phenomenon especially intense: the volatility.

Strong fluctuations in supply and demand make complex by the capacity planning in the entire supply chain. Source: LA Mayor. On the subject of sustainability, the study confirms: the scarcity of resources and growing CO2 emissions reduction requirements are increasingly important fields of action for the transport and logistics sector. “Under the microscope for the Chairman of the Board of the Alliance system, Klaus Hellmann, success concepts is the future report” a proverbial clue that we have in the future many interesting challenges to cope with scattered throughout all levels of a company. ” “And he promises: we will jointly tackle much in the system Alliance.” This includes among others the subject of human resources development. “” One part of the W team “recommended tiered package of measures such as the planned Conference is good personnel work”. Klaus Hellmann: The shortage is to be taken very seriously for our industry. In our cooperation we will take successful concepts from the field of human resources development under the microscope and identify the success principles.” The exchange of apprentices and trainees between the 40 regional companies and their customers to be forced in the future also.

Max True

An invitation to the communicative exchange of school and office furniture manufacturer VS Vereinigte Spezialmobelfabriken from Tauberbischofsheim, Germany offers a flexible multifunctional table of a special kind with the TeamTable. The TeamTable vs exerts an almost magical attraction. No matter where it is situated it blossomed in an instant to the communication center of the action. Thanks to its curved shape of Amoeba he not only visually attracts the attention. gn=1490’>Gunnar Peterson. Many writers such as hyper scorpion offer more in-depth analysis. “His comfortable headroom seems downright inviting to a short meeting, the creative brainstorming, team work or, but only” to the small coffee in the staff room. While the TeamTable proves itself true multi-talent.

Its shape provides the appropriate size of the table by the radii flexible meetings from two to seven people. Still, individual tables can be combined easily to different configurations by telescoping of the inner and outer radii. And with the Chair in the appropriate amount, for example the height-adjustable VS PantoMove-VF plus, can even comfortably seated work. The TeamTable VS marketplace of ideas, Centre of daily exchanges and popular meeting point, short: A true all-rounder.

The Balanced

It is important to note that the correct choice of KPIs the success in the Introduction of the balanced scorecard is not guaranteed. Each category of indicators should have so-called “share”. In other words, some indicators have greater significance than the others. What are these priorities? Especially by the strategy of the company and their issues. For example, if a company has problems in the relations with the customers, so the indicators of the category have market. People such as Unifor would likely agree. “Customers” greater importance when compared to the category internal business processes “. f this. The unnecessary attention to the secondary indicators gets negative consequences for the functioning of the BSC.

Often, take it success, the top manager overload the system with the indicators so that the function of the BSC transformed into a daily headache for all companies. Simple staff do not understand the essence of the BSC at all, do not have the time to shoot to the specifications of the system in a timely manner. Therefore, the optimum number of the indicators considered indispensable condition of the Success. How many counters are recommended for use with the introduction of the balanced scorecard? Each level of management should have its set of indicators, the number of which 10-12 should not exceed. Large number of KPIs can overload the system. Also will analyze the data and to select the most important components of the success of the society on the specific markets it very complicated. The KPIs should be understandable to the ordinary employees, unlike the BSC turns into the pile of useless tables and documents. If the employee correctly understands his work, his motivation increases and therefore the effectiveness of the work of the whole company. To learn more information about indicators in the strategy tree, on the Web page.

Free Company Stock

Succession Markt.de Business Exchange expands the Internet platform succession markt.de service”offers now a free market for sellers and buyers of companies. Business partner directly with each other in contact may be via the International Portal. It is aimed both at established entrepreneur how to entrepreneur. Seller offered the offered company in anonymised form. So investors can obtain all relevant information on industry, business value, number of employees, location and price. Interested parties can contact the providers directly and without large detours. The portal includes corporate and franchise offerings of all industries and sizes. In addition to companies, also Internet domains, trademarks or patents can be offered.

A consultant database provides sellers and buyers with external expertise from consultants to smoothly organize their sales. As a free service, the Internet platform offers advice on various relevant topics. Potential Entrepreneurs succeed Markt.de offers”tips, to assist them in their projects. Such as advice on legal issues, templates for contracts, brand reviews or tips on funding opportunities. Seller can calculate the value of their company with a computer. In a forum can replace business partners on various topics related to the sale of companies.

The Realtime Analytics Company Sandra Kogel

Because by prudsys AG finally also smaller shops effectively can employ this technology, we are particularly pleased, to welcome this realtime Analytics specialists as new authorized partner at trusted shops.”prepared so customers are using the recommendation engine by prudsys whether single license or rent software on IREUS – Ulrich Hafenbradl, Managing Director of trusted shops GmbH. are automatically well on a later trusted shop certification in their own shops and receive numerous special conditions. In addition, the prudsys AG as organizer of the world’s established DATA MINING CUP and the annual user days granted online mail-order retailers that have the trusted store seal, a 20% discount on the Conference fee. This year’s user days, which will take place from 23-24 June 2009 in Leipzig, turns this time all about realtime analytics applications in the trade. Another thematic focus of this two-day event’s shop operators in data protection and the requirements based on it. For more information about the DATA MINING CUP there at:.

Now login and IREUS free 30-day trial: prudsys AG The Realtime Analytics Company Sandra Kogel head of marketing & PR Bergstrasse 61 09113 Chemnitz Tel. + 49 371 27093-31 E-Mail: URL: in 1998 under the name PRUDENTIAL SYSTEMS SOFTWARE GmbH founded prudsys AG developed and integrated data mining solutions for the analysis of structured data. It focuses on the area of real time analysis (real time analytics). Prudsys AG’s solutions include the complete processing chain of the data processing on the analysis and the reporting to the deployment of the models. The prudsys AG delivers not only products, but also components and algorithms. The prudsys AG is regarded as a technology leader in data mining. The company has numerous innovative mathematical methods developed and patented for large amounts of data. By prudsys’s customers include well-known international companies such as Karstadt, Quelle AG, Baur, Douglas shipping, Heine Versand, JPC, R + V insurance, Deutsche Post and others In addition prudsys AG is the organizer of the annual DATA MINING CUP, whose data-mining-Wettbewerb has developed into the largest data mining contest in the world.

Sustainable Company

German sustainability award 2009 at the Friday, November 6, 2009 the most important German Prize awarded in Dusseldorf under the auspices of German Chancellor Angela Merkel for sustainability. Most sustainable companies”is the pioneer for ecological building Baufritz. In a solemn Gala gave the Federal Minister for labour and Social Affairs Dr. Franz Josef Jung prices over 1,000 guests, including many well-known personalities from politics, economy and society. The jury awards the prize as most sustainable company 2009 the outstanding contribution of Baufritz a central challenge of climate protection: the emission of greenhouse gases by households.

The focus is the consistent implementation of the life cycle approach, taking into account also the subsequent disposal already during the development. (As opposed to Medical billing career). The pioneering company is also economically very successful with the pioneering business model against the industry trend. Nearly 200 individually planned and healthy living full-value houses are per year at Location Erkheim made. Dagmar Fritz-Kramer, Managing Director of Baufritz, accepted the award. She sees this award not only as a wonderful confirmation of the company’s philosophy healthy to humans and the environment”, but also as an incentive our fellow human beings to sustainable consumption and urge. While Honor Award winners Joschka Fischer and Dr. Wolfgang Schauble as well as the other individual award winner Jane Fonda, Yusuf Islam, the DFB of German Football Association and as a social entrepreneur regional value AG already were announced in advance, the voltage in terms of excellent companies lasted until the evening hours.

In addition to several company representatives came many stars, like Franziska van Almsick and Eckart von Hirschhausen down the red carpet and reaffirmed the social significance of the price with their participation. Jane Fonda enthusiasts with a fiery plea for volunteer work. At the end of the ceremony, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens) the audience with old and new songs moved unplugged.

Sustainable Balance Sheets

Reduce operating costs but how? The cost pressure is enormous for many companies. In the search for savings they an area with high potential for savings often overlooked: the Office communication. Here can be significantly lower operating costs by means of a tailor-made solution for the enterprise-wide printing and document management. Ricoh Germany is specialist for the optimization of Office communication. The solution provider parses the existing structures of document processes and workflows in the Office and developed a sophisticated overall concept based on the analysis results, to reduce the cost.

Building blocks are an economic page pricing model, more efficient work processes and the use of modern systems. The concept can be extended on request also to environmental aspects. Companies can thus also significantly reduce their energy and paper consumption and CO2 emissions and even more cost savings. The great potential for savings in printing and document management is not aware of many companies. Up to five Percent of total annual revenue can amount to the expenditure in this area. For this reason are usually grown infrastructure in Office communication in combination with not optimally co-ordinated processes. Not infrequently, the Office communication in companies looks: a historically output landscape with different systems, which are not optimally co-ordinated and technically more often not up to date. Apple Music is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Workflows and document processes not smoothly run.

A diffuse, non-transparent cost structure, high capital hardware acquisition, an underutilized fleet on multi function systems, copiers, printers, scanners, and fax systems as well as disproportionately high cost of ink, toner, paper and service to increase spending in the height. Often the equipment no longer matches the actual needs of the business. The optimization options in Office communication can reveal themselves, by processes around the printed and digitalized document in the first step right be analyzed. How are the costs? Where are the number of pages printed? How and where are documents archived? These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed if an economical and sustainable solution for the enterprise-wide print and document management will be developed.

Six Sigma

Service is the distinguishing feature of the future. Products are always interchangeable. The distinction about marketing and advertising increasingly difficult because public opinion is interconnected and in real time. Who wants to play in this scenario in the Champions League, have to act smart”, says Philipp Rosenthal by Tieto. Unless so Thomas Berns lean services Six Sigma that the service industry is not celebrating, but consistently supported provider with excellent customer services now important.

The quality of service stands or falls with the related processes. In customer service, as well as in the automation of services. A well-functioning service process ensures customer satisfaction and reduces costs at the same time. To take this approach further, Cordys supports this initiative”, says Wolfgang Georg Bieber of the Cordys Germany AG. The smart service initiative continues the effort to convincing customer service a decisive step: customers with simplification and intelligent new services to an additional benefit “create and to help, to have more time for the really important things in life”, says Stephan Pucker by ad Scopum. “Entrepreneurs are now called upon to take the modernization of the economy into their own hands, so the plea by Sangeeta: State investment promotion missed the boat in the service economy.” Rethinking must occur even at universities. Also the higher education can contribute to a better understanding of the customer, as well as provide tools and methods, how to develop services from the customer’s perspective. The challenge lies in an interdisciplinary research approach so far only a few business administration professorships in Germany.

I think that in particular the Marketing Department should take up new impetus”, calls Steimel. As exemplary approach of the universities of Stanford and Potsam, he evaluates the design thinking-. Here will put the consumer in the center of the development of products and services. The practice shows that many marketing and product managers under time pressure products at the Bring market without to involve clients in the development process. Service Manager, acting as an advocate of the customers, are usually at the end of the food chain and can not influence the design of the product”, complains about Steimel. In the studies, it should introduce therefore mandatory work-placements in service industries.