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Build Brick

Before the construction you have the question immediately arises of what material to build a house. But even with a large variety of materials, the priorities are left alone, and those same brick or wood. Let's start with the beginning of the houses and then consider a brick home. Wooden houses are cheaper than brick houses, the atmosphere in it, filled with pine aroma of wood from the forest, as well as bright colors of the walls will impress the indigenous inhabitants of the city. Wood – a material of low thermal conductivity.

The walls of the house longer keep warm in winter and a pleasant coolness in the summer. A consequence of this can be less than the thickness of walls in stone houses. And the big foundations do not have to do because tree has a light weight. The most important thing if you do not live in the house, that tree is much less 'vystuzhivaetsya' nezhili brick house, which allows faster and easier to heat it. The big advantage is also the fact that wood house 'breathes', ie located in space allows moisture to go outside. Disadvantages of wooden houses Wooden houses less expressive in terms of architecture. The material can be profiled timber or logs.

Well-treated wood surface can be coated with various paints and varnishes, to keep it long. Such coverage is necessary to update periodically. The main argument against houses made of wood is its low fire. But burning and brick houses and wooden. Only wooden houses is difficult to recover well and restore the brick house is very expensive, the price will be comparable to the cost of building a new wooden doma.Kirpichnye home Brick houses are durable and have high durability. Serve this house much longer than a wooden house, with no lose of performance and appearance. Thermal comfort in a house can only provide a greater thickness of the walls. A common factor in the choice of brick is that the brick 'is off'. Indeed brick does not burn in the fire but it loses its strong properties, and as we know if heat the stone and then it abruptly cool it will crack. Therefore, the most important thing in this matter – the reliability of electrical and heating networks. Buildings made of bricks are better able architecture allows to embody design fantasies with a variety of forms and expressiveness. The advantage of the construction of brick houses is a huge selection of wall decoration. This can be stucco, etc. Disadvantages houses made of brick. The main lack of a sufficiently high price in comparison to wooden houses. Brick houses 'do not breathe' as wood, and if you do not live there, on arrival you will feel damp and cold. What would be needed to heat a brick house not one day. And that would avoid this, keep warm in a house automatically.

Plastic Profile

How to choose a plastic profiles? What is a profile box? Profile of the window – the main carrier of window design, frame. A profile consists of two parts: a stainless steel interior, which serves to stiffen the construction, and outer plastic. What is the difference between the profiles? Currently the market offers a large number of specialized systems from different manufacturers, so a natural question arises’ What profiles differ from each other? “. Special features of plastic profiles: the number of cameras, more cameras in the profile, the higher its energy-saving features. On the market there are suggestions, with 3, 4 or five cameras. design – the main visual difference between the profiles, some people prefer profiles of strict forms, the other like the soft edges. type of plastic – from plastic depending environmental profile, their reliability and durability, resistance to climatic changes.

The most high-quality plastic manufactured in Germany. Many writers such as Translation Software Market Size offer more in-depth analysis. So the best choice for your profile plastic windows – a four-, five-chamber profile, produced by the German plastics. Major companies, manufacturers of plastic profile: KBE KBE company has forty years of experience in manufacturing plastic profiles for windows. The main factory is located in Germany, recently opened a plant in the KBE Voskresensk. PVC windows from Profile KBE have the following advantages: Adaptation to the Russian climate Liberal pricing original recipe greenline And here sold high-quality plastic windows kbe REHAU firm REHAU – widely known German manufacturer profile, their windows REHAU famous impeccable quality and excellent design. REHAU offers four types of profiles: REHAU Basic Design – Cost effective solution to the system box depth of 60 mm for the construction of the object standard requirements. REHAU Thermo Design – Classic System with a depth of 60 mm for the construction of Four-object system with a depth of 60 mm is suitable for use in buildings with relatively low requirements (according to European standards) to save energy.

REHAU Brillant Design – Committed to design a system with a depth of 70 mm and 80 mm for high-rise building window profiles system REHAU-Brillant-Design combines enhanced thermal protection with a variety of design solutions. System seals on the porch in the five-chamber profile with a depth of 70 mm and shestikamernyh profiles with depth of 80 mm meets the highest standards for energy efficiency. Smooth and shiny surface profiles, or bevels curvature of the outside doors and exquisite color palette is impressive. We offer excellent plastic windows REHAU Thyssen Favorite Profile Thyssen Favorite is an international company Deceuninck, which occupies the 5th place in the world, production of PVC profiles. Plastic windows Thyssen Favorit – a complex system, originally conceived and developed specifically for Russia, with its severe climatic conditions, is a joint product of German and Russian specialists. The concept of the new system meets the following requirements: a window system ‘Favorit’ warmer already existing systems of three-chamber profiles, can withstand all the heat load (including very low temperatures, Strong wind and solar radiation), different heat and moisture resistance. In addition, the important qualities we feel elegant design, the perfection of parts and surfaces of the profile, and long life system. Wide range of colors and affordability pleasantly surprise customers.

Recovery Materials

The choice was for an architect. He chose from among them, two color options. Our main objective – development of technologies and selection of materials and supplies, which allows to solve the task. All the specialists of our company with the highest special education were trained with modern restoration techniques and materials to us, "Remmers," and other foreign firms. Experience and knowledge allow us to designed with the advanced domestic and international experience in design and technological documentation for restoration work, pick up kits in the system, harmonized on their characteristics. We – a licensed company that has the right to design and develop technologies of restoration work.

We work in liaison with design and construction organizations. Quite often the deciding factor when choosing a system Recovery is the price, why do you give preference to those systems that are recommended? Rudolph Kagramanov: Why we chose the materials of foreign firms – "Remmers," Although they are expensive? We are pleased to have applied to restorative materials of domestic producers. Music downloads is often quoted as being for or against this. It's cheaper to restoration work. Domestic enterprises building materials produced enough a wide range of materials, but they are not tied to the object recovery, though this issue in the restoration is of paramount importance. The quality of our materials, I'm not saying this is a separate issue.

Unlike our producers, the firm "Remmers" offers complete kits that are linked to the solution of certain problems commonly encountered in the practice of restoration work – from preparation to final finishing. Range materials is very wide and covers almost all kinds of restoration work. The quality of materials consistently high. On the basis of the company held regular seminars for designers and builders, a school improve skilled workers and architects. For us, this is an example worthy of emulation. Elena Kagramanova: Costs to develop special products overseas companies lay in the price of products.

Pipe Fittings

Nowadays the market offers a great variety of plumbing materials for the installation of water supply. On what to look for if you decided to change the pipes in the toilet and bathtub? We will try to assess the pros and cons different materials. Steel pipelines. Steel is currently the most ephemeral material due to exposure to corrosion. Also the quality of current produced by the pipe rolled leaves much to be desired. Not rare cases where the metal is rotting in the weld zone after 3-5 years, which, of course, is unacceptable, especially if you have high quality finish and will have to partially disassemble the tiles when replacing tubes. Welding steel pipes – quite time-consuming process that is not for the better effect on the overall cost of repairs.

Perhaps the only advantage of steel pipes that they can withstand heavy external loads, in case you accidentally step on pipe for example. But this advantage is highly questionable, especially in light of the shortcomings. Metal pipes. For the installation of plastic pipes do not require any special equipment, quick and easy assembly, the tube can be bend arms at random, it is easy to hide in a small box. The disadvantages of plastic pipes is the fact that they are going to threaded connections, but it is not reliable. Requires regular 'lift' couplings and nuts accordingly can not hide the pipes in the wall.

Polypropylene tubes. Polypropylene is not affected by corrosion, the joints soldered, providing the most reliable connection, the pipe can be hidden in walls and more to do with them. Welding of polypropylene pipes produced by a special device that does not require special skills and qualifications, it greatly reduces the cost of the work. In addition, polypropylene pipes themselves are the cheapest material for water systems. Copper pipe solder with oxy-acetylene or air-propane torch. Soldering copper requires a high skill of the welder to the same pipes themselves are 3-4 times plastic is more expensive counterparts. The only advantage of copper pipes is that they do not rot, but it's the same property is inherent in polypropylene and PVC at a much lower price.

Equipment Washing Refrigerator

Proper installation can be done with leveling feet. In addition to the vibration of the fault also distributed background noise, leaking, or running out of work. Washing machine repair in such cases may be to replace the sealing elements, bearings or other components and assemblies. Modern washing machines are quite reliable and are designed for the life of 10 to 15 years, but this term can only be guaranteed if the conditions specified in the instruction manual. It is necessary that the mains washing machine was connected to a separate supply leads to the vanishing of the protective housing for the (ground) case, a circuit breaker short-circuit at 16A. Do not forget to clean the drain filter, washed tank cleaners, taking bath powder, wipe the gums after each wash the loading hatch. If all of the above let things slide, then repair the washing machine may be required in the first years of operation.

So be careful, and washing machine will last you a long time. But remember, no matter what your technique, our masters will always help you! High-quality and professional maintenance and repair of refrigerators washing machines – this specialization of our company! Repair of refrigerators One symptom of failure refrigerator, which is pretty easy to see a rise in temperature in the refrigerator. If you notice that the compressor was switched on more frequently than usual, despite a constant temperature in the kitchen, you should make defrosting. If your refrigerator does not require thawing or she has recently been made, then most likely need repair the refrigerator. In such a case may need minor repairs such as replacing gas-vapor mixture in the circuit or replace the thermostat.

But we should also pay attention to the integrity of the seals at the door of the refrigerator, as leaking can cause fever, and this in turn may require the repair of refrigerator. Some fault you can fix by yourself, such as loud rolling noise of the refrigerator may occur in case of an incorrect install it. A related site: Symantha Rodriguez mentions similar findings. The cause could not be adjusted legs refrigerator to be close to furniture or other objects, the elements the back of the equipment are not free to fluctuate due to contact with foreign objects. Some models are equipped with an alarm, refrigerators, by the nature of sound that can determine the cause of his occurrence. If you can not establish the reasons for failure of your refrigerator previously described methods, it should be paying for service for the diagnosis of your refrigerator or later repair the refrigerator. Repairing dishwashers One of the common symptoms of failure dishwasher, required its repair – is the lack of water drainage.

Caterpillar Engines

The firm JCB has mastered the three models in the category of load capacity of up to 20 m. The company produces three models of Komatsu in the most widespread range of capacity from 25 to 40 tons of the number of created and produced models of Russian and Belarusian producers concede leading firms from foreign countries. To date, there was a clear concept of a Articulated dump trucks, which is characterized by the following fundamental design decisions. It is not something music downloads would like to discuss. It is based on a modular layout scheme based on the principle of separation of motor and cargo modules, joined a special swivel device. The most widespread scheme with three wheel drive axles (wheel formula 6×6). Apply circuit-axle version (4×4), which machines are used to carrying capacity not exceeding 25 tonnes. Typically, the front module, which is mounted a motor unit has a uniaxial execution, and the rear cargo module – biaxial. As energy plants of medium diesel engines used liquid-cooled in-line and V-shaped arrangement of cylinders, equipped with a number of cases, turbochargers and intercooling charge air.

Applicable motors have high torque reserve (20 – 25%) and correspond to modern international standards on environmental emissions. Company Volvo, Caterpillar and Komatsu engines set their own production. The company uses Moxy engine company Scania, the company Bell – engines Mercedez Benz, firm Astra – Engines Iveco, a company Terex – Engines Cummins. Domestic manufacturers use motors of the Yaroslavl Motor Plant, firm Cummins and MTU. Type species transmission is a hydromechanical transmission with locking torque converter, planetary gearbox with automatic control, switching under load which creates 6 – 7 programs Forward and up to 3 gears – rear. Used transfer case with locking center differential mechanism with hydraulic retarders rate (used to work on the slopes). As a rule, use of all drive axles with differential lock. Locking mechanisms drive the wheels allow you to select the optimal modes of operation depending on soil conditions and workloads, up to a full lock all the differentials.

Pavement Tiles

With improvement of residential buildings, paving tiles and pavers are the most popular types of coatings in the construction market. Because of this demand in Russia reproductive-health/publications/ru/mec/index.htm paving diverse shapes, colors and textures. Except addition, the manufacturers even offer schemes and styling options for flooring, a particular type of tiles or paving stones. Typically, when building a house for laying process to hire professional handlers. But very often are willing, who wants to put himself or tile paving in his yard.

Especially since it's not a very difficult task. You may want to fix it and redo it. After laying the tiles and pavers, and performed on sand or gravel. What you need to know and what to stock up for those who want their hands to do paving in his yard or on the site. Except for the tile of sand and gravel, you will need: a flat vibrator or shaker table, a wheelbarrow, several racks and boards, twine, stakes, level, tape measure, broom, saw for cutting stone, a hammer, a shovel. Gain insight and clarity with music downloads. If the soil will be strong – pick. Need to start working with the breakdown of the territory that needs to be tiled.

The depth of excavation calculated as follows: the thickness of the tiles + base thickness (75-150 mm) + sand cushion (40 mm) and area – 150-200 mm beyond the marked-up site. Now we can make the base of sand and gravel – gravel not larger than 20 mm, contents sand – no more than 10%. Its rammed through vibroplatform, constantly checking it horizontally on a stretched piece of string between stakes. After preparing the base set curbs. Dug groove depth desired, depending on the size of the curb. After installing the stone, he fixed the concrete grout or compacted gravel and sand mixture. Border required in order to tile after installation do not spreading, and ground was finished look, and clear boundaries. Well, the curb is installed, you can now perform the following operation. Creates a sand cushion thickness of 20 mm and is aligned with two strips of thickness about 50 mm, laid on the edges of the site. According to the rule, laid on slats tile must rise above a given level of ground about 12mm. A layer of sand is poured between the rails and through the board is leveled. Sand cushion prepared. During installation it is desirable to choose a seamless tiles and try to get the clearance did not exceed 3 mm. After work clearances be covered with sand. If you laid out a specific figure, you will need to cut fragments that had no vacant sites. Very often it happens that when a paving slab made with their hands in the shades of color between batches may vary. When laying this disadvantage can be offset if the tile spread of different pallets simultaneously. Sand compaction is performed only after placing the entire site, you can sprinkle the surface in addition, if there are still blank space.

Paint Sealing

In order for oversized wall building was qualitatively constructed and its performance characteristics consistent with high standards, you need to optimally choose the right materials for sealing joints and junctions of building structures. Depending on the nature of the transition to a working state sealants are hardening, and drying netverdeyuschie. The first postmark is operational as a result of chemical reaction of composite components to each other (multi-compounds) or by the reaction of the sealant directly with the moisture of air (one-component compositions). Then, paste turns from the primary Spread the state to rubbery state. It is not something Peet’s Coffee would like to discuss. Neotverzhdayuschiesya mastics are from three to six years (less durable than the cured sealant, due to lack of rubber-like structure). They represent very viscous mass.

Drying Sealants acquire conditioned by evaporation under their composition of the solvent or water. Curing mastic is made on the basis of: Thiokol, polyurethane rubber, or silicone rubber. Drying Sealants usually produced on the basis of acrylate dispersions, and neotverzhdayuschiesya based on butyl rubber. Curing sealant optimally suited for sealing joints prefabricated houses with a maximum deformation of 50%, sealing cracks, seams and joints, sealing of expansion joints of concrete floors, repairing roofs. There are governed by legislation state standards for sealing materials: Description of GOST 4.224-83, GOST requirement 25621Soprotivlenie flow at a given temperature, mm 2Uslovnaya strength at break, MPa, no less * 0.1 Fracture * an hour, at least 2Otnositelnoe elongation at break,%, not less than * 150. This is the minimum list of parameters, which must comply with any sealant. Water dispersion paints used in art and craft in construction – for interior and exterior use. Acrylic paints are composed of a color pigment, acrylic polymer emulsion and water.

These paints are very popular thanks to its numerous advantages. They dry much faster than other types of paints, since no form of cracks and wrinkles and is resistant to small changes in temperature (due to the formation of stable film after drying), have a good covering the surface (do not burn and does not fade with time), as well as the brightness of the paint remains almost unchanged after application. Depending on the intended use of acrylic Paint tubes are produced in volume 60, 140, 205ml, intended for artistic spheres. And for the construction and repair facilities use acrylic paint in cans of 0.5 liters to 4.5 liters. In order to acrylic colors were qualitatively and correctly marked on the surface necessary to follow a few rules. For example, dilute the paint with water only or by special means designed or recommended directly by the manufacturer of paint. Diluting the paint use a separate clean container, and the tube or jar containing a liquid, tightly close the lid, pre-clearing the edge of the paint. This will keep the paint primary properties. Waterborne paint dries in half an hour after application to the surface, and have a good grip on any surface in any weather conditions. This advantage is particularly important when applied outside of the usual paintings or painting buildings.

State Standards

There are currently 1265 construction state standards. We will try to consider the most important ones. This Standard governing the general rules and norms for construction, and building materials, terminology, symbols, types of drawings, standards calculation and design, safety. In this section, general rules can be found on the State Standards construction helmets, belts, safety ropes, the rules of execution drawings and calculations. The next section is devoted to State Standards classification, nomenclature and general rules of construction materials. Music downloads recognizes the significance of this. It can be wall materials, adhesives, insulating building materials, concrete and mortar, roofing and waterproofing materials finishing materials. Each of these sections, in turn, has a lot of documents. For example, in "finishes" are guests parquet, GOST 862.2-85 m hardwood products, tiles, plasterboard GOST 6266-89, Concrete slabs, slabs tiles, linoleum and other materials for decoration.

A large section devoted to the state standards veterinary, engineering and fire fighting equipment of buildings. This water supply and sewerage, and elevators, and construction lifts and lighting, and acoustics, and even heating, ventilation and heating. By building also includes guests industrial buildings such as warehouses, storage tanks, gas tanks and. Thoroughly regulated by the construction of bridges, railways, roads, and subways. Important for us guests are guests of wood, stone, concrete and concrete structures and components, and construction tools.

Guest on building structures and details that guests mortars, concrete mixes and concrete panels, guests, and construction and reinforced concrete products, such as reinforced concrete panels, beams and stairs. Or Concrete and reinforced concrete pipes, wells and construction of sewer, water and gas pipelines. Of course, guests must comply with sand, cement, and gravel. GOST 8736-93 – a specification for sand for construction, and GOST 6139-91 – a specification for standard sand for testing cement. As for the gravel, its parameters are adjusted around 10ti State Standards. For example, GOST 8267-93 – Standard for crushed stone and gravel of solid rocks for construction work, GOST 25607-94 on a mixture of macadam, gravel and sand for the coatings and the grounds of highways and airports. In the construction used by many types of cements. This cement gipsoglinozemisty expanding, cement sulfate, backfill, and any other. General specifications for cement – is GOST 30515-97 GOST 25328-82 – is the cement for mortar. Specifications. GOST 310.4-81 – methods for determining the limit strength of cement in bending and compression, and GOST 310.3-76 – all methods of determining the normal density, setting time and soundness of cement.

Limestone – A Building Material For All Time

Limestone in the history of Limestone can rightfully be called the oldest building material, there are more than two hundred of his species. The limestone used in the construction of Egyptian Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Temple Ggantija in Malta. The fact that all these objects have survived to the present day, proves the strength and durability of this amazing material: limestone products do not lose their shape for years. It is not something Cheniere Energy partners would like to discuss. In Russia, limestone started to apply as early as the 12th century – then it was used for the construction of temples. Subsequently, many centuries later, this material has been applied not only in construction but also in the art of interior dizayna.Vneshny view lime stone has bright colors – from white to light gray colors, mostly – pastel yellow, pink, light beige. Over time, the color becomes softer limestone, covered with a soft touch of natural patina, weathered it is exposed to low – this is a definite plus, since it need not cover the protective compounds. Due to the absence of artificial colors and reinforced foundations, the appearance of this stone over the years it only gets better.

Indiana limestone (which, incidentally, was used in the construction of the Pentagon) eventually gets a shade warmer. Humidity affects the color of the stone during production – can shade relent, to get smooth transitions tsvetov.Svoystva limestone with this material is very easy to work: grind, cut, trim, handle. Therefore, it is often used limestone for finishing and wall covering. It can be sawn, cut, split. Production of limestone are not too expensive. His abrasiveness is lower than that of sandstone, and soft – is higher than that of granite, which is why products made of limestone are often used for finishing and decoration.

Limestone is always available and affordable – and therefore popular. This material can be cut in any direction, getting all the sizes and shapes. It is possible to translate any idea Architectural: sawing, grinding, lathe or by hand. Also, the advantages include the vast limestone deposits. Finally, the limestone is an environmentally friendly material, a natural antiseptic and anti-allergenic, so it is perfectly compatible with chelovekom.Izvestnyak in construction and decoration of the way, many of the world universities, built more than one century ago, it was built of limestone. From which we conclude that This stone is ideal for long-term projects. In fact, the structure, the basic material of which served as limestone, are architectural monuments. Most often, the limestone is used for making building blocks and slabs bearing slabs, wall stones, tiles for interior and exterior decoration. Facing the limestone is very common in architecture. In general, the limestone is used: the construction of buildings (limestone blocks) to create the exterior of buildings – exterior stairs and plinths (facing limestone over time does not lose shape and, consequently, the beauty, originality and expressiveness) to create an interior space – the door openings, walls, fireplaces, floors, bathrooms, and in landscape design (for registration of sites, paths and gardens in general) to create specialized products – staircases, columns and portals, fireplaces, architraves, etc., in the manufacture of countertops, cabinets,